leap year birthday

*a month before* “Dayang, what theme you want for your birthday?” Kahkahkahh! Then, ‘Once in 4 years’ group whatsapp created. We changed from plan A to plan B to plan C until at the end we try to make it simple but meaningful by inviting classmate from high school collaborate in leap year birthday project. […]

sarcastic at his best 3

Whoop! Guess who rocks the seafood world? Hmm.. p-r-a-w-n Yupp! Yummiest! Booo chicken! Sorry, not sorry. Hahaha! I volunteered myself to cook last night. As my Bapak who can’t count on me in cooking said “your Emak cooks better” Hahaha! I know Bapak, that prawns look very yummy and you want the best. Before he […]

pretty or not

“If only we have kids, I wonder who they will look like, me or you?” “Of course, Me” “Nahh.. Cute like me” “You’re not!” “Am I cute?” “No” “Oh. So, am I pretty?” “No” “Ohhh… Prettiest?” “No” *ignore him for almost a night* Hahahahahaha! He loves to tease me, yeahh… He doesn’t compliment me but […]

virtual date

Put your hands up if you’re not going to date on weekend! Yeay! High-five! Every weekend, I spend with my friends and family. No other men, like love affair kind of men. Seriously, NO! At this age and with my status right now? Obviously, NO other men in my life at this age. I hate […]

behave, Zizi

Just do your own business, Zizi. BEHAVE YOURSELF Pooff! After I happily google everything, then e-mail pop-up! Ok, print! *not working* *not working* Omz! Told you to behave yourself, Zizi! Just silently sit down and google through your phone. Duhh! Yesterday was my 1st day in my new office and I was too bored doing […]

ohh… rain

You do know Malaysia only has 2 seasons: sunny and rainy. If it’s not hot, it will be warm and cozy. You want a cold temperature in Malaysia? Just switch on the air-conditioner. Hahaha So basically, during Chinese New Year, every year will heavily rain at my place. And flood all over places. I am […]