behave, Zizi

Just do your own business, Zizi. BEHAVE YOURSELF


After I happily google everything, then e-mail pop-up! Ok, print!

*not working*
*not working*

Omz! Told you to behave yourself, Zizi! Just silently sit down and google through your phone. Duhh!

Yesterday was my 1st day in my new office and I was too bored doing nothing. So I decided to google. But! Unfortunately, pc in this office didn’t install Google Chrome, they only have Internet Explorer. Hmm… 2016 & still have no Chrome? Who on earth still use Internet Explorer?

Thought by installing Google Chrome will make my life happier in this new office BUT turns out to be the worst day ever!

Can’t connect to internet and the best part is PRINTER IS NOT WORKING!!!!! Wow! So, we try to resilience and the next day. Hmmmm.. still can’t connect to the internet!

Wow, Zizi!!! What have you done! I didn’t inform to my superior because I’m afraid they might scold me. Hahaha pathetic me! Our IT staff still in CNY holidays mood. I used to call her if there is any problem without inform to my superior. Duhhh. Superior will never ever helping in such situation. They only can why, how, wow? Hahaha

I sat in front of those beautiful old fashion pc with no internet connection. Oh, Allah please give me some miracle (internet connection). I have tasks awaiting me to be printed. Hmmm

Lastly, I texted my boss “please print for me. 😭” Hahahaha fuhhh! Settle! Then at 5pm, our HOD came and try to fix the connection.


Yeay! Printer finally working! Hmm.. I can rest peacefully for this weekend. No stress and remind myself to behave! Hahahahahaha


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