i am a fan

Who on earth doesn’t know the famous vlogger Mat Luthfi? Even my aunt loves his videos. When Mat Luthfi get married, she’s the first one who told me. Nahh… the power of social media. Haha! I knew Mat Luthfi since I studied my diploma. So, yeah.. It’s been years I’m being a fan of Mat […]

wait, what? shark?

Pms is so ridiculous! I didn’t eat properly this week. Emak seems so happy with her Umrah, she even posted (ton of) pictures to us and also updated her daily menus served by Hotel al-Shohada. She didn’t knew I am struggling every day to think about menus for lunch and dinner. Last night, I wanted […]

the wait is over

  Yeayyy! I’ve been waiting my order on Sally Fashion for ages! Wooottt! I just received yesterday and it worth the wait! Haha! Sally Fashion is the best! Have you ever heard of Sally Fashion? Sally Fashion is the top Malaysia online fashion boutique selling over 5000 choices of women clothing & accessories at the […]

diy by me

Last night, our family invited our close relatives for my Emak’s Umrah farewell and my niece, Qisya Qistina’s birthday party. Phewwww! What a tiring day, as I woke up in the morning and accompanied my brother and SIL to get the birthday cake at 10th Miles. Then, with my Bapak went to Santubong to get his Quran […]

oh, please

“How to purchase apps on iTunes?”  “Why I can’t purchase it?” *google everything about Apple ID* I was so excited to purchase Kimoji on iTunes but end up with “Your payment method was declined. Please enter another payment method.” W-H-A-T ???!!! Answer me, what’s wrong with the payment method? I tried both my Visa and MasterCard and […]

r letter

Hi, March! How is it going? I am so tired with my job right now. In this lovely morning, I decided to send r letter to our Human Resource Executive without go through my Head of Department. Yeah! Of course I am happy with my job, but position which is not meet my academic qualification? […]