love power

I had decided to further my study in sewing last few posts, but I ended up with regrets. I started working the day after I have done my final year project and it has been a year. I just really can’t doing nothing and worst part is I don’t want my parents money, all I want is my own money. Hmm… iPhone 6s was my last wish fulfilled by my Emak and I don’t want other else (except my future wedding lah, they have to be my funder. Hahaha!) Not to forget, on 2014 when my Bapak got a called to perfom Hajj, I promised myself not spoke my magical script to my father ever again which is “Pak, bank in” and proudly I can achieve it until last month.


Resignation was not my first option, I was confused and my emotional was beyond my control. But nevermind, it already written by Allah and He knows better the good/bad. Then, I confessed with my fiancé about my regrets. Hahaha! He nagged to me like I was his child for a moment and give a long lecture to me as he wanted me to choose wisely about my future. He even smooch and say sorry if his words hurt me. I do know you love me so much, Sayang. Your love is so powerful and touch my heart everytime. Uuu… *puke* Hahahaha!

This morning, I went to India Street and thanks to my friends because you found a part time job for me. *cry out loud* Tomorrow is my first day doing part time, so I can have a bit saving for another job hunting. Hee.. Yeahh, I just can’t help it watching my bank account digits decreased. We need back up, ladies.

Choose life, Zizi! Never ever make a wrong decision.


Nahh… I just captured this view because I thought it’s so beautiful.


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