the best planner

Last month, I regret myself for my resignation and I felt so lost about my future. Yes, I hate it when at the end of month, I have nothing to wait for so called payroll. Hahahahaha! Eee… I used to it. The fun and excitement waiting for payroll. Happiness! Yeahh.. I did part time job […]

one week trip

I split this post because it’s more about trip not the wedding. Just to make sure it’s centralized. Haha! One week in west malaysia wasn’t a great trip, more to exhausted. I am happy with this trip but at the same time I have lack of times. Day 1 – Arrived at Senai International Airport […]

a for avon

Ever since I was a kid, my Emak used to buy us cosmetics from Avon. Yeah, of course it is cheaper than other cosmetics and the best part is they have promotion monthly. Who doesn’t like promotion, right? As I’ve grown up, I bought my own cosmetics once a year. I keep on changing and […]