the best planner

Last month, I regret myself for my resignation and I felt so lost about my future. Yes, I hate it when at the end of month, I have nothing to wait for so called payroll. Hahahahaha! Eee… I used to it. The fun and excitement waiting for payroll. Happiness!

Yeahh.. I did part time job but only for half and a month. Heee… I believe Your existence, Oh Allah. You are the best planner! I nagged myself about how much I miss working in hotel line and I wish that I can work in Kuala Lumpur (you can see in my past post). Hahaha! Finally, dream comes true! Last Saturday, Reina texted me to apply job at le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC. I tried, email resume to Kak Rafina but still I was in dillema either to go or not. Then, on Monday, Kak Rafina texted me “how much is your expected salary?” And I was like did-I-already-got-the-job feeling in front of my friends. Hahaha! You see!!! I confessed to my friends daily that I really wanted to work in Kuala Lumpur like so much and of course in hotel line. Why hotel? Because I’ve been working in hotel before. So much fun! But, heyyyyyy…. Not as a front office, ok Zizi? You are an auditor now. Weeeee! Let’s fly to Kuala Lumpur and learn to be broke. Hahahaha! Hello, the city of high living cost!



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