merdeka sales

“Sayang, got sales at that shop, lets go there!” “Do you got money to buy?” “Hmmmm….” Then, there’s one day he stared and sigh-ed at the shop fully crowded with woman went crazy because of sales “Why do you guys love sales?” When it comes to shopping, I will only prefer discounts price than original […]

lovely sunday

A good day to have enough rest, of course a lovely Sunday need to be spent at home. Hahaha! A week left to end August, such a great but stress month of the year. Hey.. this is life, Zizi. Long time I haven’t cook and I have to, today! Weeee! What to eat? I don’t […]

the best planner 2

I can’t sleep and watching football match between Liverpool vs Arsenal. Ohh, man! My fiancé keep on whatsapp-ing me “Goalllll” few times! I couldn’t help myself and watch it alone. Hahahaha! Not alone, with those rascal cats for sure. I haven’t share about my happy news with you guys. Heyyy.. Told you about my recent […]

raya 2016

Before Syawal ends (it’s end already, a bit late post), let me make a short story about my Raya celebration. My fiancé and I have this yearly Raya issue, “Where to visit? Which house? Your friends or mine?” Trust me, almost every year. Hahaha! It’s a big issue for us and finally I can figure […]