the best planner 2

I can’t sleep and watching football match between Liverpool vs Arsenal. Ohh, man! My fiancé keep on whatsapp-ing me “Goalllll” few times! I couldn’t help myself and watch it alone. Hahahaha! Not alone, with those rascal cats for sure.

I haven’t share about my happy news with you guys. Heyyy.. Told you about my recent job at Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC last few months. Wohooo! I got promoted! Yeay! As an accountant, like wowww. Hahahaha! I never imagine myself as an accountant and tadaaaa! GM offered me but he told me not to tell anybody until one day they offered me officially. “I give you as what I promised before” he told me once they arranged everything. I pinched myself, yeahh obviously not a dream. Ya Allah, I do know You love me and I love You too. Thank you for everything! I believe in You!

Another good news is my fiancé also got offered but still waiting for an official answered from the company. If only he got the position then we will start our mission. To get married lah, what else? Hahahaha!

His face when first time try the famous Alexis Pavlova. Loveyou, Sayang!



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