just grab it

“I’ve never been this saddest in my life.”

I cried once back to room and changed my clothes, hmm… all wet from head to toe. It’s 8 am and I should be at Lrt Sri Rampai before 9 am. Fuhh! Then, I remember Ain told me before about application named Grab, so I just search it on Appstore. Tadaaa! Downloaded! Need to explore it in a hurry and I got my driver in a blink of an eyes. He’s on his way, luckily just nearby. So we talked a bit and I bought him sandwish (it’s so early in a morning and I’m hungry so I bought extra one for him). Thanks, whoever you are but it’s your job so whatever as long as I managed to come safely and early at the office. Hmm.. Half an hour late but nevermind, there is 365 days in a year. Haha! Better late than never.





So, guys, you really need Grab if you had no driving license and own tranportation like me in your life. Search it on Appstore and Playstore, then you will be safe and sound. Basically, there will be a personal driver and taxi, just choose whatever you want. Haha! Let’s just Grab the car!


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