*low battery – 20% battery remaining* *low battery – 10% battery remaining* Nahh, just a moment after this I will connect with charger. Ok, where is my charger? How can this tiny little bag can hide my charger? Ok, cool zizi cool! Maybe those charger accidentally fell out when you took your keys. Then, I […]

hey, chics

I woke up earlier than I’ve planned today because I just want to pee and continued sleeping but I had to do household chores with Kak Ati. It’s weekend and no where to go, so let’s just do the household chores! Yeay! We started on 9am until 12pm and gave up. Of course, already clean […]

getting old

“No cake, no problem.” I monologue every year on my birthday. When I was a kid, I don’t understand why my parents didn’t plan anything on my birthday. There’s few celebration but not every year. Now, I am 24 years old and just realize that my birthday is on 18th October, so it’s really times […]


“This weekend, I plan to go Malacca with you.” “Let’s go!” Then, on Saturday, we went to Malacca just for fun. No shopping, no food hunting, just wander around Malacca. Haha! Yeah, we need this kind of vacation. No plan at all! Arrived Malacca and just directly went to Bandar Hilir Malacca and visit all […]


“Don’t go broke trying to look rich, act your wage” I love this quote so much because it’s really remind me everytime I want to buy something expensive. I don’t buy expensive things and rationally I only buy the cheapest things in any shop. Why? Because I need to save money. For what? For my […]