getting old

“No cake, no problem.”

I monologue every year on my birthday. When I was a kid, I don’t understand why my parents didn’t plan anything on my birthday. There’s few celebration but not every year. Now, I am 24 years old and just realize that my birthday is on 18th October, so it’s really times people struggling to survive until end month. Hahaha! Why need celebration? I don’t need one. It’s just a day for me getting old every year.

But, today was so unexpected. Hahaha! Thank you, Encik Rahim & Yana. As I came today in office, I expect nothing from everyone because who would ever know today was my birthday? I don’t even have Facebook account. During lunch, we had a farewell party for Ratna (our purchasing executive) at Rokko Japanese Grill Dining (same building with our hotel). Mr. Tan (General Manager) gave me fried sweet potate as a birthday cake and asked me to send a photo of that ‘cake’ to my fiancé. “Tell your boyfriend, my GM give me this today.” Duhhh.. hahaha! Ok back to the story, then suddenly Mr. Water (Rokko’s Manager) brought cake along with his staff sang Happy Birthday’s song. I was like “What’s going on?” Zizi, please it’s your birthday right? Yana brought it at Secret Recipe KLCC before we went to Rokko. She said she went to toilet but I was so busy to realize that she wasn’t in the office for almost half an hour. Nice one, Yana! You should be a supprise event planner, it went smooth! Just a simple surprise but honestly I didn’t expect this would happen. Haha!



Birthday cake for October babies, Kak Atika and I of course. Hee.. thank you! Will perfom better after this, Boss! And goodbye, Ratna!

And where’s my fiancé? He used to celebrate my birthday on time with me (at beach for sure) but not this year. Nevermind, Sayang. I do know how hard it’s to work on shift. Later on your off day, we can spend time together. Your wish is enough but end month please I want to have dinner at Heli Lounge Bar! You already promised to me! Heee


Lastly, thank you for everyone who wish on my birthday. The best wish of this year was from my Emak “Happy birthday, I wish you a long life and prosperity. I just hope you and Mizan are meant to be with each other. Don’t forget you parents.” That part ‘Mizan and you are meant to be each other’. Thank you, Emak! Your pray is the greatest! That’s more than enough. Muahh! But can I have an iPhone 7, Emak? Just kidding. Heee


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