*low battery – 20% battery remaining*

*low battery – 10% battery remaining*

Nahh, just a moment after this I will connect with charger. Ok, where is my charger? How can this tiny little bag can hide my charger? Ok, cool zizi cool! Maybe those charger accidentally fell out when you took your keys. Then, I check in front of my house and also nearby at lift. I don’t see any pinkish charger there! How can I forgot it?!


“Sayang! Low battery and I forgot my charger at the office!!”

“Nice one, what’s the remaining percentage?”

“9%!!!! Sayang!!!”

“It’s your fault not mine.”

None of my housemates are using iPhone or any Apple product. Not even iPad or iPod. It’s 10.37pm and I can’t go back to my office just to get those charger. I calmly accept the fact that iPhone’s charger is  crucial in my life and Syida (my roommate) told me “You have to estimate your time tomorrow morning once you wake up. How long you take your bath, prepare your make up and on the way to Lrt.” Wow, Syida! I never thought that just because of charger my life would be that difficult. Moreover, I don’t like to wear watch so I don’t have one. I only love to wear my Bapak’s watch. And it’s Citizen Automatic 21 Jewels how can my Bapak just let me tear them apart? Of course he loves that watch. The question now is , can I be on time tomorrow morning?

Back to the story, so I wish my fiancé goodnight and sleep. In the morning, right after all my housemate left (they are supposed to come at their office on 8am so obviously it’s still 7am), I woke up and take my bath. Along my way to Lrt, I don’t know what time it is and am I late or early? At Damai Lrt, I saw 8.11 am at the billboard. Ok thank you, Allah,still early! Wohooo! But, it’s too early for me on Tuesday. I only come early to the office on Monday. Haha! But nevermind, as long as I can reach on time.



In a nutshell, I need a spare charger for myself. Just a cheap one. In case it will happen again in future. Haha

Syida was like “This is because you love to eat Maggi! You can’t even remember things.”

My bad, maggi is so yummy! With or without money I will still eat it!


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