such a liar

“Look, they love to use big smart phone.” He pointed to foreigner who having a phone call at KLCC park. “Poor them, have to work here and can you imagine how much they send money to their family?” He showed his what-does-my-fiancée-trying-to-say face and I explained “Ok, for example, I have to work in Malaysia […]

little effort

What a lovely Sunday which I want to spend with sleeping but too productive I need to do something today. And so, I asked my fiancé what he wanted to eat. “Butter chicken would be nice.” I can imagine his excited face replying my text (even if he is not). Haha! You should be excited, […]

home sweet home

Listen to raindrop sound and take a deep breath then sigh “I want to stay in Kuching, I don’t want to go back to Kuala Lumpur.” Pinched myself and held my tears. “I need my family by my side 24/7!” *wipe my tears and put my shades on* Be strong, Zizi! Life isn’t easy as […]


Limited time 3 for Rm45 Typical skinflint like me will go mad whenever I see this kind of advertisement. Like wow! Coincidently, I was planning to buy a new shoes. My old shoes I bought from Nichii on August can’t be used anymore. My fiancé advise me to buy just a cheap one because tomorrow […]