little effort

What a lovely Sunday which I want to spend with sleeping but too productive I need to do something today. And so, I asked my fiancé what he wanted to eat. “Butter chicken would be nice.” I can imagine his excited face replying my text (even if he is not). Haha! You should be excited, Mizan. I’m going to cook for you today and make you happy.

Then I went to grocery shop under my house and buy all ingredient, I am so excited to cook for my fiancé. It took me one and a half hour to cook butter chicken and fried french beans. Ummmpphh! So delicious, i can’t wait to eat with him. Weeee…

Once he arrived, we ate at gazebo under my house. He was so worried that people might think we’re weird. Nahhh.. just act cool, ok?

Tadaaa! Just a little effort to show my love for him. Sayang, I love you and I want to be the best wife ever in future!


“Delicious or not? Can I be your wife?”

“I got flu and I taste nothing” he replied and finished his food. Duhhh… obviously it’s delicious.


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