sky high

As promised by my fiancé few months ago, finally we went to Heli Lounge Bar at Menara KH yesterday to enjoy a beautiful sunset. A view that’s worth our drinks. So beautiful! Just for your information, you’ll found Heli Lounge Bar at Level 34 then their staff will ask whether you want to dine in […]

skinflint 2

Previously last month, we had been informed about Annual Dinner will be held on December ’16 and theme is either Cowboy or Prince/Princess. I was hope Prince/Princess theme was chosen but the management agreed with Cowboy theme. Ok, just wear any jeans and I need a pair of boots! Where to find it? I just […]

wet world

“Hi, may I know is ticket to Genting Highlands available for tomorrow?” “Hi, unfortunately all tickets are sold out for tomorrow.” I already set up an itinerary for both of us to spend our public holiday together but I didn’t book tickets earlier and I forgot about peak season. Duhhh… it’s school holiday and everyone […]