life changes

“Sayang, I went to Swarovski KLCC during my lunch then I saw a ring costs around Rm399-Rm499.” I texted him excitedly and waiting for his reply. “Really? When will we go to wedding shopping?” He replied then I asked him “For wedding ring, you’ll buy me a gold ring or just a simple one?” I […]

the smell

“I’ve found my hand sanitizer back.” My fiancé who thought his hand sanitizer was lost for months. “I forgot mine, can I have a bit?” Then he pressed only one drop on my hands. Ok sayang! Got it, thank you. My hands is all clean right now. Duhhh.. a man who bring his hand sanitizer […]

new member

Woot wooootttt! I have a new niece last December! During my sil’s pregnancy, they’re expecting a baby boy, so my Abang only have a boy’s name. Once baby A was born, she still has no name and we don’t know what to call her. Everyone in family group Whatsapp was giving a nice name for […]

weekend getaway

I’ve been google-ing about Genting Highlands for months and today I got the chance to visit there. My fiancé texted me on Wednesday about his leave has been approved, then I directly went to Go Genting at KL Sentral to buy bus and cable car tickets. It costs only Rm24.60 per person for return bus […]