weekend getaway

I’ve been google-ing about Genting Highlands for months and today I got the chance to visit there. My fiancé texted me on Wednesday about his leave has been approved, then I directly went to Go Genting at KL Sentral to buy bus and cable car tickets. It costs only Rm24.60 per person for return bus and cable car ticket. Rm4.30 for bus ticket and Rm8.00 for cable car ticket, both price is for one way.

My expectation as I arrived Genting Highlands was a nice view of mountains or hills but it turned out to be I can’t find any spot to enjoy the view because we directly walk from Awana Skyway to First World Plaza and Hotel. Fuhh, so many escalator and it’s such a big building. Nahh, we tried to walk outside and find a spot for us to see the view. Tadaaa! We made it. Hahaha! My fiancé even propose a plan to hike Kinabalu mountain soon. Sayang, we just arrived Genting Highlands, now you want to hike Kinabalu mountain? If only Kinabalu mountain has cable car, I bet I was there few years ago. Haha! Today was another best day of my life with my fiancé. Cable car date checked! I am an acrophobia and it’s not an excuse for me to enjoy the view. Beautiful! His creation is the utmost beautiful. How can I not enjoy this kind of view?


Ohh before I forgot, just for your information Mc Donalds’ rate at Genting Highlands a bit expensive than a normal price. We ordered GCB set costs Rm15.10. Yeahh, a bit expensive but we need to eat. Hahaha

After we spent our time together today and we need to wave goodbye because we still not yet married. So, need to go back to our own house. Hmm… if only we already got married and no need to wave goodbye. Slowly but surely, ok Zizi?


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