the smell

“I’ve found my hand sanitizer back.” My fiancé who thought his hand sanitizer was lost for months. “I forgot mine, can I have a bit?” Then he pressed only one drop on my hands. Ok sayang! Got it, thank you. My hands is all clean right now. Duhhh.. a man who bring his hand sanitizer on a date is normal, right? Because his lady introduce him the importance of hand sanitizer. Haha

We need hand sanitizer in life, guys. I love eating with my hands but I hate the smell of foods on my hands after I ate. Yeah, we wash our hands with soap but the smell still there like everyone can detect that I just had chicken curry for lunch. Haha! I love Bath & Body Work hand sanitizer so much, they have lots of scent and I want all of them. This week, they are having a promotion ‘Buy 5 for RM40’, now I can buy new stocks since mine is almost finish. No more smell of foods on my hands and thank you whoever found the formula of hand sanitizer.

Tadaaa! I bring it everywhere like I need it so much and obviously not an OCD person. I just want my hands smell good and keep it clean. Hee! Who else bring their hand sanitizer everywhere just like me?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presete8a13e76-a9a9-4567-9b19-39d05887ee2cProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


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