crazy installment

“Sayang, accompany me to Courts today.” “Why?” “I want to see their installment plan & thinking of selling my phone.” “So, what phone will you use? Better not! You actually want iPhone 7, right?” I want iPhone 7 so bad, oppss.. 7 plus so bad! I’ve been searching about iPhone 7 price in Kuala Lumpur. […]

family first

Seriously, 4 days in Kuching was not enough I must admit. Hmm.. I need to spend a month in my favourite city. Can I? But life must go on. Haha! I still regret myself for being careless with office memo. If I saw it before I bought my flight ticket, I’m pretty sure I can […]

favourite music

“Sayang, I saw some post on your Facebook feed about Liam Gallagher critics Radiohead.” “A song about a fucking old tree?” And we laugh out loud talking about Liam Gallagher critics on every musicians. But who cares, Liam is a legend and it is just his opinion. Haha! A simple conversation about music took almost […]