tranung trip 2

Still. Can. Not. Move. On. Hahaha almost a week after the trip but yeah I need another post for tranung trip. Along my trip, I thought of my fiancé. If only he was here with me then we can took a best picture together and more awesome video. But, things happen for a reason. He […]

tranung trip

“So will you go to Zila’s wedding, Zizi?” I’m staring at Kak Ati’s text and need to ask permission from my fiancé (he’s currently my finance advisor) to attend Zila’s wedding. “I can’t decide yet. Later I’ll tell you.” “I hope we can go together. Tomorrow I’ll buy bus tickets. If you want, I can use my […]

sushi date

“Sayang, I had lunch at Sushi King with Ika.” “Let’s eat sushi?” “Why?” “Oh, you ask me why but you agreed everything to your friend? As if I had never ask you to eat sushi with me.” Yeahh, that’s my man who I barely listen to his wants. I’m deaf, I bet. Last Saturday, we […]

high expectation

I heard many dissolution of marriage nowadays which lead me to gamophobia. Even a stupid simple matter can’t be solved by the couple and that’s why lots of people end their marriage with unfinished business. I may not yet be married but I need to get ready 100% before entering the marriage world. Based on […]


Last weekend my friends from Kuching visited Kuala Lumpur and basically I’m please to be their tourist guide. 4 days straight with Kuching people in Kuala Lumpur city. It was fun until I realized that I’ve spent more than hundreds in a blink of an eyes. Whoaaa… I had no idea how it gone! Hmm.. but […]