“Let’s go home!” Emak happily said to me while we’re waiting to check out that morning. Deeply in my heart, it’s shattered into pieces. I calmy answered her “Fly home today and fly back to work tomorrow morning?” Then she replied “Yeah, spend a night at home.” Oh Allah, how can a daughter say no when her mother ask her to go back home. My head a bit dizzy because I try my best not to cry in front of them.

3 days with Emak, Baby and Kak Mieza is not enough for me to embrace this happiness. Almost a year working in Kuala Lumpur, this is my first time meeting my own family here! Hmm.. can I cry? Can I finish this post? I could not imagine if only I lost my family in future, how to react? Oh Allah, please lend them in my life a bit longer. I want to make them happy.

It’s not the first time my Emak ask to go back home, frequently! My Bapak always told me “If you stay in Kuching, your meal and accommodation are free.” Hmm.. why oh why? Life is not as easy as I imagine. I miss them already I wish they can be here or I can be there 24/7. 25 years old and still clingy with my family!


It took me few weeks to finish this post because I cry everytime I try to finish it. Nahh.. about to skip this post but I want to make it memorable so that one fine day I’ll read it back and proudly say “I surviveed.” I left my hometown for a reason and will continue as what He plans for me. I don’t know the pros or cons but still will not give up. (I’m typing and wipe my tears, not really tears just tearing on the inside)

I pray to Allah everytime to bless my parents and my family. They are my strength no matter what people might say about them. I am too bless to have them in my life. I love all of them! *weeping*

Oh.. already book my Raya flight ticket but haven’t apply my leave yet. Wohooo! So excited for Ramadhan, it’s my second year fasting in Kuala Lumpur. I am ready but need to go to work at 8.30 am next Monday. Argghhh! Hahaha I want to sleep now, guys. Night from Malaysia! *smooch

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

** We went to Boat Noodle and my Emak only gave Rm20 to pay our early dinner. She thought Rm1.90 per bowl is cheap but she didn’t knew the price of our drinks. Hahaha Rm20 for real, Emak? Nahh.. I miss my family. Hmmm


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