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This lovely Saturday, I’ve decided to buy a new handbag at Isetan Klcc for upcoming Eid. I was so excited even though that bag was supposed to be my hantaran but can’t wait until end of year. My fiancé give me green light to buy that handbag for Eid since the price is quite cheaper than the original price. Unfortunately, it was sold out this evening like I just saw it on Thursday and put blame on me because I should buy it yesterday but I decided to go back home right after I finished my work.

*grind in front of my fiancé*

He mocked me and serve him right that he can’t find a suitable watch for his hantaran today. Huhh! 1-1 ok, Mizan? “I can’t buy my bag and same goes with you.” Both of us went to Starbucks and weep our heart out. Nahhh.. we’re google-ing things we want to buy for our wedding.

I’ve always experience this kind of situation, everytime I want something and I was like “Buy tomorrow lah, no need to buy today.” I need to change my mindset starts from now on whenever I want something, just swipe and don’t wait! ‘Cause waiting is not good for us! It’ll only left us with broken heart. Hmmm.. and so I directly went to Guess shop at Klcc, luckily that Korry bag was one of the last season collection. It kind of relieve me a bit and I can wait until before Eid to buy new handbag. Ramadhan just started but I already want to buy things for Eid how like this, Zizi?

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