bargain sale

*woot wootttt*

Last Saturday, I was so frustrated when I found out Korry Status Satchel Guess sold out and today I bought another Guess’ bag for Eid. Fuhh.. luckily I found a new satisfying handbag to cure my frustration. Hehe..

After my fiancé and I had our Iftar, we went to Berjaya Times Squre to find a pleated pants for my SIL. Once we bought it then we went to Uniqlo, it’s my fiancé favourite shop and a must stop by kind of shop. Basically, I’ll just wander around while he check the latest outfit but today I found bargain sale area in Uniqlo. Guess what? It’s Hana Tajima’s collection! I’m not sure which season but heyy top costs Rm39.90, who doesn’t want it right? Of course I bought that top right away, it’s cheap ok I can afford it. Heee..

Before my fiancé went home, I asked him “Why those Hana Tajima’s collection is cheaper than before?” And he replied “Maybe it’s their old stocks.”

Ok, Sayang.



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