got duck-ed

“Sayang, I want to buy a scarf.” Me with a smile on my face hopefully that he will give me a green light. “What scarf?” He stare and give a disagree face at me. “That scarf. Hmmm…” I don’t have the strength to even say the brand. “Ohh.. that scarf you want before?” Nahh he already got the clue and he nag at me for shopping too much along our way to Pavilion Shopping Mall.

He’s sitting on the couch while I’m still searching for a black shawl. Any kind of material but not the fluffy Duck scarf. Bad news black scarves are all sold out in store. “Sayang, black scarf is not available.” “What? Plain scarf? I thought you want to buy a pattern kind of scarf.” “Nahh.. those scarf costs around Rm300 and above.” I drag him to FashionValet downstairs. They also have no black scarf in store. Hmmm.. if I purchase online, I need to wait for few days. Nahhh.. just buy the Satin Silk Ash Lee for Eid since our first Eid outfit is grey so yeahh can lahh.

“I bet that scarf will not be used by you in future.” He still nag at me. Hahahaha just admit that he knows me better and his nag is true. My desire is temporary but I will buy another Duck scarf in future. Heheee..


I still remember my first time saw Duck scarf and I said to myself “Nahh.. not that good. I better buy scarf at Jalan Tar.” It’s all when I have no money to buy it and now I can see why people are so into Duck scarf. Material used by them is the best! Finally, I got my first Duck! Quack-quack! Will try mixed crepe scarf in future, InsyaAllah if I have extra money. Hee..


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