baby G

Remember my last few posts about Guess handbag? Nahhh… when I uploaded it on my whatsapp story, people called me bragging. Is it hurts you so much? Like why you need to compare everything, I never wanted to compete.

Ok, let’s move on and just be yourself. From my tumblr to my wordpress I did mentioned about bag like lots! I am a handbag lover so what did I do wrong by trying another brand? What I am trying to say was I am enough with Mango and Charles & Keith since that’s the only brand I’ve been using this couple years. Oh.. not to forget Vincci, H&M and Roxy. Also, some unknown brands from China. Hahaha so please read my blog often so that you wouldn’t get offended.

Nahh enough with nagging, why Guess? Firstly, I already set in my mind when I just started my career “One fine day, if I can afford to buy Guess handbag that’s mean my financial stability is getting better.” I said that to my bestfriend, Eza about my target. Everyone need a target in their life! I don’t live to please people, get a life. So, last few weeks I’ve spent my lunch hour by wandering around Klcc then good news I found out that iSetan having a big sale (big sale for me lah). I brave myself to check on Guess handbag and yeahh they also have sale! Woot woooott! Who doesn’t like sale? But as what I’ve mentioned before Korry Satchel Guess handbag sold out and luckily I found other choice at Parkson Klcc.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset2999EBCD-37E8-4FA9-95CB-544F59CC5B83B7535F1D-51B8-45A6-9E6F-E5EF49D9486B8170AB07-FB3D-41F9-918B-A9AC8B2DDD85

From an expensive price (which I’m surely can’t afford) into an affordable price, it’s a big deal for me to grab this opportunity to buy a new handbag for myself with MY OWN MONEY. Like I don’t even ask my fiancé to buy it for me. I asked myself to buy it since I want it for a long time ago. People need to stop judging someone’s life based on a picture in their social media. You don’t even know the whole story. Don’t easily get offended and be happy that I don’t have time to compete. Life isn’t a competition and I guess it’s your problem if you get mad when people have something better than you. Cool, okay? You’re not going to win any trophy for being rich enough than others. No one cares!

Today I asked my fiancé “Is it wrong that I shop too much?” “No, as long as you pay it yourself.” Hahahahaha next month will focus with my hantaran ok, Sayang? Hee


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