got duck-ed 2

“Hello, I bought the wrong color last Saturday and it didn’t match my Eid outfit. When is the last date of exchange?” The customer called and sigh in her heart, this is what happen if you forgot what color you should match your scarf and outfit (I can’t differ the shade with different tone). “You can do exchange until 10 June 2017.” Answered the friendly staff. “What type of scarf can I exchange with?” The customer wants to exchange with their latest Limited Edition scarf. “What scarf you bought?” “Satin Silk Ash Lee.” “You can only exchange with Premium Basic scarf.”

The customer hope that she can exchange with the Black Alhambra but nahhh in her dream. I should have answered yes when my fiancé thought I was about to buy the printed scarf last Saturday. Duhhh… today I went again to Duck store and exchanged my Satin Silk Ash Lee to Satin Silk Black Olive. Last Saturday, black scarf sold out but they have the stock today. Hmm.. luckily it’s the first color I wanted to buy.

Then the moment I exit the store, I capture Black Alhambra scarf and weeping inside. “Sayang, I want that Alhambra scarf.” I told my fiancé, he was like “How much is that scarf?” Okkkkkk… how should I answer? My plan was to buy without his knowledge. Hahaha but failed! “Why do you want those scarf?” He said and stare at me. “Why don’t you have Converse instead of Adidas?” I replied him and insist to buy the Alhambra scarf. “You can buy the scarf but you will never get your hantaran.” I want hantaran more than that Alhambra scarf. Haha I can get Coach perfume set which even cheaper than that scarf. Oklahh, no need Alhambra scarf in my life.


Conclussion, buy the Limited Edition Duck scarf when your man wants to buy their crazy expensive sneakers. Fair enough. Hmm.. you wait, Mizan. Hahaha


**hantaran – wedding gift exchange for bride and groom


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