sky high 2

Phewww.. yesterday was the day, not my wedding day but his birthday. I’ve been asking few people what should I do on his birthday, like I have no idea how to make it special and we can reminisce it. I failed. Hmm.. it’s work better when in group and not individual. Nevermind, just spent my day with him even though I annoyed him so much but as long as I can be with him nothing else matter. Too clingy and I need no help I am just fine. Hahaha

No cake, no balloon, no decoration, just a great view of Kuala Lumpur to celebrate his birthday. Where did we go? To the Skybar Traders Hotel. Yeayyy! All I want was a cake for his birthday unfortunately food is not available until 6.00 pm. No cake no problem! He didn’t want it, I asked him several times but no thanks. Fuhh.. lucky me since a slice of cake at Skybar costs Rm20 and above. Hehe stingy fiancée!

I hope that he like it (he forced me to take his picture until he got the best shot to post it on instagram) and sorry I really don’t know how to celebrate your birthday. Later when I am officially your wife then we can travel to anywhere on your birthday.


Anyway, if you guys want to visit this place you can go to Skybar, Level 33, Traders Hotel and you will see an upscale cocktail bar with swimming pool and a great view of Kuala Lumpur. Beverage costs around Rm18 and above, it’s cheaper than Helipad Lounge Bar. Take note please, food is not available during daytime.

Sky high and fly! Happy birthday, Sayang. Sorry for something and thanks for everything! Loveyou


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