skinflint 3

This month is a very challenging month as last week Muslim celebrated Eid and I gave all out escpecially money. So, it’s not the right time for me to shop. But, Jelly Bunny store is excluded from my shopping rehab. Hahaha like how can you not buy goods with 90% discount and of course I bought it. It’s so cheap and I really need new sandal. Hehe

Ever heard of Jelly Bunny? I love the scent of this shop, full with sweet scent from their goods. Hmm.. yummy! I never bought anything from this brand and  it’s my first time. Since it’s so cheap I don’t consider myself breaking the shopping rehab. The price of the sandal is the same price of my lunch. More or less the same what to expect it’s 90% discount.

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Hello, Jelly Bunny! Welcome to my shoes rack and I will forgot about your existance in few months more. Haha so beautiful and of course the cheapest sandal I’ve ever bought.


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