“I’m thinking on how to go back.”
“Go back? Ohh.. can you cancel your overtime?”
“Go back to Kuching not home.”
“When do you want to?”

I just really can’t hear the word ‘Kuching’, like I really want to be there everyday but I have my own life here in Kuala Lumpur. My fiancé haven’t go back Kuching this Eid and I persuade him to go back today! Whoaaa.. since this isn’t a black out period we can book tickets through his id travel and the right time to persuade him. After few hours, I try to persuade him and finally he agree and directly book our tickets.

But! My fiancé already in Kuching right at this moment and me sitting here in KLIA staring at my KFC fried chicken weeping on the inside. I missed my flight and rebook until tomorrow morning. Now I am alone, super hungry, exhausted and I forgot my earphone. Eeee! How can I forgot it? The use of earphone during overnight at the airport is very important! Hmmm…

Here are some tips when you overnight at the airport: 1. Find your own spot where you can sleep or just be comfortable with yourself (some prefer to stay at the Surau) 2. Make sure you are aware with your belongings! Don’t be careless. 3. As for me, I’ll find plug to charge my phone. Don’t worry you can find it everywhere just go wander around the airport. 4. Make sure you inform your family or friends just in case anything happen. 5. Do whatever you want. Bye

This is my second time overnight at the airport but the first time at KLIA. If you overnight at KLIA 2, there will be lots of shop so you can waste your time but their shop will be closed at midnight. Not open for 24 hours as per my experience lah. Here at KLIA, I don’t know what am I going to do tonight. Let’s just watch movie on iflix in mute because I don’t bring my earphone! Hmmm…


My blanket is from @theduckgroup , just kidding they haven’t launch any duck blanket yet. It’s my shawl the only thing I can cover myself to sleep. Ok night!


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