social media addicted

I should sleep at 11 pm after this since yesterday has been an exhausted day for me. Fuhh.. Spent my 17 hours at Ipoh, Perak and now I am here in my room sigh-ing tomorrow I got to work. I miss to spend my weekend with movie marathon and sleep. Last week fly to Kuching and this week trip to Perak with my fiancé (family matter purpose) which supposed to be a day but overnight at his aunt’s house. Unplanned! Hmm.. in future we need to go back to Perak for good ok, Sayang? I haven’t see Kelly castle, water theme park date at Lost world of Tambun and try white coffee at different Kopitiam. Nahh.. not to far from Kuala Lumpur, can lah next time.

At Udak’s house (my fiancé’s aunt) I just realized that I brought my handphone with me since I arrived Ipoh. I must admit it was for me not to feel awkward in front of his family. I am still got nervous breakdown everytime I meet his family. Even though they are very friendly and easy to get along but nahhh maybe I am not his official wife yet that’s why I still need times to figure this out. Since I have my handphone with me and I tend to upload everything on my Instagram story. It’s not my fault! I am not addict to social media. Noooo! Hmm.. I do know I can have a good/better/best day of my life without uploading it to social media. I can live without Facebook for 5 years and Twitter for 3 years, I think I can do this with Instagram. In my dream! How not to expose my personal life into Instagram like I really need my followers to know what am I doing today and how do I feel. It’s just too wrong! Exposing too much about our life can be depressing! People will judge your life only based on your Instagram picture and that’s not good! But what to do, people can keep their judgment and we can do nothing about it but to live our life as usual. Life must go on!

CAMERAProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

That’s my fiancé smoking and scrolling his phone while I sat in the car staring at my phone. The battery is dead and still I can live my life even though I need to scroll my Instagram feed or watching how many people already viewed my story. Sick but I can do this! Only show when you want to show but not everything ok, Zizi? Good!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The only places in Ipoh I visited last night. Duhhh.. ohh, it’s 11.12 pm! I need to sleep now or else I will regret it tomorrow morning. Night and sleep tight!


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