road to 50

Hello, November! Wow wow wowww! I’m so busy (not that busy) juggling between works and personal life. Fuhhh.. december is on its way that’s mean my wedding is just around the corner. Hmm.. I am so nervous! Last entry about my wedding preparation. I listed my friends’ name and wonder do I ever had one? I lost contact with my friends the moment I deactivated my social networks years ago. No facebook, no twitter, no wechat, just Instagram and whatsapp.

Then I realized that I didn’t saved some of my friends’ number and activated my facebook back is my only choice. Just for a while! Fuhh.. now I know the importance of facebook. Nopeeee. Will not trying to maintain my facebook account. Updating guest list isn’t easy as I thought, I can choose my friends but not all of them can attend to my wedding. Since it’s during school’s holiday and flight ticket is quite expensive. So I need more back up! Haha

Just hope everything is going to be alright and I can meet my lost friends. Hmm.. Ok next! Last weekend was the last time I flew to Kuching before I got married, I met my bridal for fittings and photoshoot for my prewedding. Oh my! How time flies! My fiancé soon to be my husband. Like for real? Husband? Wowww! Is this just a dream? But I don’t want to wake up and let me just finish my dream. Hehe


Bridesmaids’ outfit done! But not the groomsman, he didn’t decide yet who is going to be his man on our day. Let him settle it by himself. Ahhh.. almost 50 days to our day, as if it’s only yesterday he proposed me to be his girlfriend. Hmm.. after 8 years! Can’t wait to be his wife and of course travel all over the world. Hehe


Road to 50, 40, 30, 20, 10….and our day!



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