kyochon with can

“My usb cable damaged! Ishh.. accompany me to Ustaz shop today.” He whatsapp me on Saturday afternoon. “What time?” “Maybe after I finish my work.” “Ok, Sayang.” I was about to stay at home this weekend since my left knee still swelling and I’m so lazy to dress up. I’ve waited until evening for him to whatsapp me and he cancelled it. Duhhh.. lucky that I still didn’t do my make up yet.

*call him*

“Sayang, I’ve been waiting for you now you cancelled it. I want to cry.” I really wanted to cry and blame him for cancelled it last minutes. Duhh.. it’s 5pm and I already listed places to go after we buy his usb cable. Hmm.. where to go? I’m craving lot of foods! “You go out by yourself lah.” I should asked him some money the moment he tried to persuade me yesterday. Hahaha just kidding!


I stay at home and massage my knee hoping that it will get better soonest. Waiting for the next day as promised by my fiancé, he will go out with me just to buy his usb cable. Haha! At night, we went to Kyochon 1991 at Pavilion for dinner and surprisingly this restaurant serves good food! I mean the chicken tastes better than Pizza hut chicken if you guys ever tried it. Hmm.. why do I never knew this place is existed even Kak Atika already mentioned this place before. Ahhh.. will dine in here again soon! Hehehe


25 years old and got a knee sprained problem. Hmmm


This red pepper wingette and drummette is life!


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