h&m beauty

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I just woke up as I heard a lady spoke so loud in front of me. Duhh.. The reason you shouldn’t sleep at the airport because of the noise surround you. As I woke up and need to stay awake for a while (will get back to sleep […]

sweet scent

Who else loves ‘Buy 1, free 1 or buy 2, free 2’ kind of promotion? I love it the most! You buy 2 items with one price and of course they will charge the higher price. This week I was supposed to find something for our office exchange gift but end up I found a […]

lovely december

I just called my Emak and asked her about my upcoming wedding preparation. Fuhh.. few weeks left! I was like “Is it for real that I’m about to marry with my fiancé?” Whoaaa.. so, today my body temperature isn’t normal as usual that’s mean I’m having a fever. Hmm.. the reason why I called my […]