I draft a post to confess about my heartache then I try to draft another post to think it in a positive way. Ever heard of toxic people? I google about it every morning to refresh my mind. If you notice why I don’t talk much with someone, they’re the toxic people I try to avoid for my own benefits.

Try google ‘toxic people traits’ and look at yourself if you’re one of them. Fix your behavior, no one can help you except yourself. I’m sick with toxic people, first, they tend to play victim. You’re not a victim, I repeat, you’re not a victim. You just have a weird behavior none of people surround you can’t adapt it. Fix it, like seriously it will help you for a better life. You’re old and why can’t you move on from being a teenager? We’re not a teenager anymore, we’re an adult. Please move on!

This so called toxic people has a great influance to change other people perception to their victims. They won’t tell the truth instead they twisted it. Why? Because they can’t face the reality that they’re the problem. Sometimes, they fake their happiness but for sure it won’t last longer. Why? Because the fake happiness they created is to comfort themselves. Again, they try to hide they’re the problem.

My advise for you toxic people out there, you have to face the reality. By fixing your weird behavior, you can change your life. Also, people surround you will be happy for you. Throw away the feeling of people are just envy with you. No! They’re not! Why would they envy with people who has a weird behavior. Haha! You’re weird and annoying. Really. Fix it! Oh my, I just want to laugh out loud with this toxic people. Don’t forget to change your perception too. No shortcut in life, if you think it’s easy, think again just like Mathematics.


Yesterday, I uninstalled Instagram and my life is getting better. The less you know, the better. Fuhhh.. so many toxic people, so many drama. Oh.. I just uninstall not deactivate it.


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