ugly truth

Yesterday, I accompanied my husband searching for a new game for his PS4. Yessss, he got it last month and now it’s his new wife. Then, I saw a delivery pizza boy with a big smile on his face at the game shop. It hurts me so much, I started to think about my siblings. […]


I bought lipstick for only Rm5.00! Yes, during 11.11 sale, my sil has informed me that Nita cosmetics has a great deal. Lipstick for only Rm5.00 and eyeshadow palette for only Rm10.00. It’s such a steal right? Of course I said yes to the deal but I only bought one shade. It’s fuchsia my favourite […]

final got ducked

Last month, I unfollowed @theduckgroup because of their new product launced daily and it’s annoyed my bank account. I need to get out from the duck-addictive and be a normal me before my first duckscarf purchase. Few days after it, my beloved bestfriend, Pqah, being a nice person in this world sent me a message […]

have a seat

The most important of the DON’T rule in flight is taking people’s seat. Don’t take people’s seat! I repeat, don’t you ever dare to take people’s seat! Why? Because people paid for it, if you want to sit next to the window please purchase it. Some people aren’t willing to pay their seats and choose […]


I was supposed to be at the airport right now with my husband because we booked the first flight to Kuching this morning. Our plan cancelled last minutes. Yesterday was the day my husband received an email from his management stated that on 19th he has an interview. It’s a good news like, maybe it’s […]

got ducked 5

“If this launch on Friday, I’ll run to Klcc and buy this.” I mentioned my friend on theduckgroup new posts. They launched a new scarf from printed range and I really need to fight with all the personal shopper this time before it’s out of stock. Huhhh.. I can buy it by myself online, why […]

skinflint 4

I love it when this kind of email appeared on my inbox and I refresh my inbox everyday waiting for it. Last April I bought the body mist for only Rm29.00 per bottle and seriously this price is such a steal. I can save Rm50.00 since the original price is Rm79.00. Yesterday, I went to […]

dw takes penang

2 months late & I really need to blog about penang trip with my bestfriend before 2018 ends. It’s our first trip as a complete 6, before this we had our Sabah trip but incomplete. Hard to gather the 6 of us, after 10 years of friendship we made it. I was the only person […]


I just finished shower and continue scrolling instagram feed. Suddenly….. Oh my God! Is this for real? After all beautiful pictures of duckscarf I’ve posted on my instagram, they finally repost my picture. Wootttt! I smile and I can’t dance or jump like a crazy person because my sil is around so I just dance […]


You know you’re getting old when you feel happy buying new dishwashing liquid. I’m not sure if it’s new or not but I just love the smell! Can I use this as my body shower? I can’t find this one in Avenue K and I need to restock it. Hmm.. where can I find it? […]