Lot of stories I’ve planned to post but I’m so busy entertain my guest. Hmm.. not sure if entertain is the correct word. Last week Maymon and her family stayed at my house for four days. She’s back in Kuala Lumpur! Hee.. welcome back! This weekend is my family in law turn to stay at […]

baby G

Remember my last few posts about Guess handbag? Nahhh… when I uploaded it on my whatsapp story, people called me bragging. Is it hurts you so much? Like why you need to compare everything, I never wanted to compete. Ok, let’s move on and just be yourself. From my tumblr to my wordpress I did […]

bargain sale

*woot wootttt* Last Saturday, I was so frustrated when I found out Korry Status Satchel Guess sold out and today I bought another Guess’ bag for Eid. Fuhh.. luckily I found a new satisfying handbag to cure my frustration. Hehe.. After my fiancé and I had our Iftar, we went to Berjaya Times Squre to […]

swipe now

This lovely Saturday, I’ve decided to buy a new handbag at Isetan Klcc for upcoming Eid. I was so excited even though that bag was supposed to be my hantaran but can’t wait until end of year. My fiancé give me green light to buy that handbag for Eid since the price is quite cheaper […]

skinflint 2

Previously last month, we had been informed about Annual Dinner will be held on December ’16 and theme is either Cowboy or Prince/Princess. I was hope Prince/Princess theme was chosen but the management agreed with Cowboy theme. Ok, just wear any jeans and I need a pair of boots! Where to find it? I just […]


Limited time 3 for Rm45 Typical skinflint like me will go mad whenever I see this kind of advertisement. Like wow! Coincidently, I was planning to buy a new shoes. My old shoes I bought from Nichii on August can’t be used anymore. My fiancé advise me to buy just a cheap one because tomorrow […]


*low battery – 20% battery remaining* *low battery – 10% battery remaining* Nahh, just a moment after this I will connect with charger. Ok, where is my charger? How can this tiny little bag can hide my charger? Ok, cool zizi cool! Maybe those charger accidentally fell out when you took your keys. Then, I […]

payday happy day

This is my first time earned more than I have ever had in my life. Phewww… Thank you, Allah because You are the best planner! I had a new job before Ramadhan and just so you know I need more money for Syawal. Hahaha! Yeah, I need to buy some Raya stuff for me and […]

the wait is over

  Yeayyy! I’ve been waiting my order on Sally Fashion for ages! Wooottt! I just received yesterday and it worth the wait! Haha! Sally Fashion is the best! Have you ever heard of Sally Fashion? Sally Fashion is the top Malaysia online fashion boutique selling over 5000 choices of women clothing & accessories at the […]