skinflint 3

This month is a very challenging month as last week Muslim celebrated Eid and I gave all out escpecially money. So, it’s not the right time for me to shop. But, Jelly Bunny store is excluded from my shopping rehab. Hahaha like how can you not buy goods with 90% discount and of course I […]

got duck-ed 2

“Hello, I bought the wrong color last Saturday and it didn’t match my Eid outfit. When is the last date of exchange?” The customer called and sigh in her heart, this is what happen if you forgot what color you should match your scarf and outfit (I can’t differ the shade with different tone). “You […]

got duck-ed

“Sayang, I want to buy a scarf.” Me with a smile on my face hopefully that he will give me a green light. “What scarf?” He stare and give a disagree face at me. “That scarf. Hmmm…” I don’t have the strength to even say the brand. “Ohh.. that scarf you want before?” Nahh he […]

skinflint 2

Previously last month, we had been informed about Annual Dinner will be held on December ’16 and theme is either Cowboy or Prince/Princess. I was hope Prince/Princess theme was chosen but the management agreed with Cowboy theme. Ok, just wear any jeans and I need a pair of boots! Where to find it? I just […]

wet world

“Hi, may I know is ticket to Genting Highlands available for tomorrow?” “Hi, unfortunately all tickets are sold out for tomorrow.” I already set up an itinerary for both of us to spend our public holiday together but I didn’t book tickets earlier and I forgot about peak season. Duhhh… it’s school holiday and everyone […]

just grab it

“I’ve never been this saddest in my life.” I cried once back to room and changed my clothes, hmm… all wet from head to toe. It’s 8 am and I should be at Lrt Sri Rampai before 9 am. Fuhh! Then, I remember Ain told me before about application named Grab, so I just search […]

the best planner 2

I can’t sleep and watching football match between Liverpool vs Arsenal. Ohh, man! My fiancé keep on whatsapp-ing me “Goalllll” few times! I couldn’t help myself and watch it alone. Hahahaha! Not alone, with those rascal cats for sure. I haven’t share about my happy news with you guys. Heyyy.. Told you about my recent […]

the best by far

Say hello to Kylie Cosmetics! Hee.. the best by far! As for me lah, not sure other will agree or disagree. I’m pretty sure that everyone knows about Kylie Cosmetics (who doesn’t?). Haha! Every girls need Kylie Cosmetics as their routine. I bought two shades from Kylie Cosmetics which are Candy K and Kourt K. […]

crazy waze

It’s my 2nd week in Kuala Lumpur! Congratulations, Zizi! You survived! Hee… So, yeah! Bring it on, Key-eyl! I can do this! *giggle* My fiancé slept over Fahmi’s house last weekend and oh, I forgot to mention that I am staying at Reina and Fahmi’s house. On last Saturday, my fiancé and I went to […]