easy peasy

Decided to buy something to cook for dinner at Village Grocer right after I finished my work then I saw a snail or the scientific name is Cerithidea obtusa. Hmm.. been eating chicken, fish and meat this whole times lets try something else. Ahhhh.. easy peasy while I look at it and put it on the basket. […]

little effort

What a lovely Sunday which I want to spend with sleeping but too productive I need to do something today. And so, I asked my fiancé what he wanted to eat. “Butter chicken would be nice.” I can imagine his excited face replying my text (even if he is not). Haha! You should be excited, […]

hey, chics

I woke up earlier than I’ve planned today because I just want to pee and continued sleeping but I had to do household chores with Kak Ati. It’s weekend and no where to go, so let’s just do the household chores! Yeay! We started on 9am until 12pm and gave up. Of course, already clean […]


“Don’t go broke trying to look rich, act your wage” I love this quote so much because it’s really remind me everytime I want to buy something expensive. I don’t buy expensive things and rationally I only buy the cheapest things in any shop. Why? Because I need to save money. For what? For my […]

lovely sunday

A good day to have enough rest, of course a lovely Sunday need to be spent at home. Hahaha! A week left to end August, such a great but stress month of the year. Hey.. this is life, Zizi. Long time I haven’t cook and I have to, today! Weeee! What to eat? I don’t […]

ramadhan kareem

*notification* *notification* Our family group whatsapp is busy talk about foods. Everyone sent their Iftar’s food pictures. Of course Emak is the one who sent all those food pictures at first. Hahaha! I was like “I miss home!” Because Iftar at home, you don’t have to worry about foods. Hahaha! I can imagine foods all […]

home sick

A week in Kuala Lumpur has made me realized how I miss to cook at my own home. Hahaha! And of course, I miss my Emak’s cooking. Like a lot! *weep* Here is my last dish I made in Kuching, for myself. Hahaha! Because at that time, I was so busy whatsapp-ing until my family […]

wait, what? shark?

Pms is so ridiculous! I didn’t eat properly this week. Emak seems so happy with her Umrah, she even posted (ton of) pictures to us and also updated her daily menus served by Hotel al-Shohada. She didn’t knew I am struggling every day to think about menus for lunch and dinner. Last night, I wanted […]

sarcastic at his best 3

Whoop! Guess who rocks the seafood world? Hmm.. p-r-a-w-n Yupp! Yummiest! Booo chicken! Sorry, not sorry. Hahaha! I volunteered myself to cook last night. As my Bapak who can’t count on me in cooking said “your Emak cooks better” Hahaha! I know Bapak, that prawns look very yummy and you want the best. Before he […]