daily routine

My husband is asleep and I’m thinking to post my daily skincare and make up routine. Grab dslr, my things and ready to flatlay! Ahh.. I love make up but I don’t know how to do it perfectly. Just a simple look for daily working day and date with my husband (if I’m in the […]

h&m beauty

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I just woke up as I heard a lady spoke so loud in front of me. Duhh.. The reason you shouldn’t sleep at the airport because of the noise surround you. As I woke up and need to stay awake for a while (will get back to sleep […]

black card

*scroll instagram feeds* As soon as I saw this post, I texted Yana (my fiancé’s sister) about this and asked what card she has. Yeay! Luckily, hers was black! Then, I told my colleague about this sale and she also has a Sephora black card. It’s black so I considered it as black member and […]

merdeka sales

“Sayang, got sales at that shop, lets go there!” “Do you got money to buy?” “Hmmmm….” Then, there’s one day he stared and sigh-ed at the shop fully crowded with woman went crazy because of sales “Why do you guys love sales?” When it comes to shopping, I will only prefer discounts price than original […]

a for avon

Ever since I was a kid, my Emak used to buy us cosmetics from Avon. Yeah, of course it is cheaper than other cosmetics and the best part is they have promotion monthly. Who doesn’t like promotion, right? As I’ve grown up, I bought my own cosmetics once a year. I keep on changing and […]