social media addicted

I should sleep at 11 pm after this since yesterday has been an exhausted day for me. Fuhh.. Spent my 17 hours at Ipoh, Perak and now I am here in my room sigh-ing tomorrow I got to work. I miss to spend my weekend with movie marathon and sleep. Last week fly to Kuching […]


“Let’s go home!” Emak happily said to me while we’re waiting to check out that morning. Deeply in my heart, it’s shattered into pieces. I calmy answered her “Fly home today and fly back to work tomorrow morning?” Then she replied “Yeah, spend a night at home.” Oh Allah, how can a daughter say no […]

fly back

If only I can be at home every weekend same as last few weeks. Sigh… if only I can eat my Emak’s cooking for lunch and dinner. Scrolling my phone and all I can see is my family’s photo update every single day. I miss home! Last few weeks I flew to Kuching unplanned, blame […]

first step

Pre-marriage course checked! Phewww… after 8 years being in a relationship, we had our courage to attend pre-marriage course. Never imagine myself in this situation with my fiancé. A boy who proposed me to be his girlfriend 8 years ago was sitting next to me 2 days in this class. We’re both stared each other […]

high expectation

I heard many dissolution of marriage nowadays which lead me to gamophobia. Even a stupid simple matter can’t be solved by the couple and that’s why lots of people end their marriage with unfinished business. I may not yet be married but I need to get ready 100% before entering the marriage world. Based on […]

family first

Seriously, 4 days in Kuching was not enough I must admit. Hmm.. I need to spend a month in my favourite city. Can I? But life must go on. Haha! I still regret myself for being careless with office memo. If I saw it before I bought my flight ticket, I’m pretty sure I can […]

life changes

“Sayang, I went to Swarovski KLCC during my lunch then I saw a ring costs around Rm399-Rm499.” I texted him excitedly and waiting for his reply. “Really? When will we go to wedding shopping?” He replied then I asked him “For wedding ring, you’ll buy me a gold ring or just a simple one?” I […]

new member

Woot wooootttt! I have a new niece last December! During my sil’s pregnancy, they’re expecting a baby boy, so my Abang only have a boy’s name. Once baby A was born, she still has no name and we don’t know what to call her. Everyone in family group Whatsapp was giving a nice name for […]

home sweet home

Listen to raindrop sound and take a deep breath then sigh “I want to stay in Kuching, I don’t want to go back to Kuala Lumpur.” Pinched myself and held my tears. “I need my family by my side 24/7!” *wipe my tears and put my shades on* Be strong, Zizi! Life isn’t easy as […]

hey, chics

I woke up earlier than I’ve planned today because I just want to pee and continued sleeping but I had to do household chores with Kak Ati. It’s weekend and no where to go, so let’s just do the household chores! Yeay! We started on 9am until 12pm and gave up. Of course, already clean […]