lucky draw

“Why this girl so lucky tonight?” My general manager told when he wanted to announce the winner’s name for first prize of lucky draw. “Azizi from Account Department.” Hmm.. I was like what is going on? What prize I just won? Haha! I walked to the stage then I saw handphone paper bag. What phone […]


I felt heartache when I wanted to sell my duckscarf but my sisters scolded me. I bet they might think I’m broke and desperate. Duhhh.. I just want a new duckscarf and let go my current scarf. I let those scarves in boxes on the shelf and they started to extinct from me slowly. Same […]

crazy installment

“Sayang, accompany me to Courts today.” “Why?” “I want to see their installment plan & thinking of selling my phone.” “So, what phone will you use? Better not! You actually want iPhone 7, right?” I want iPhone 7 so bad, oppss.. 7 plus so bad! I’ve been searching about iPhone 7 price in Kuala Lumpur. […]

skinflint 2

Previously last month, we had been informed about Annual Dinner will be held on December ’16 and theme is either Cowboy or Prince/Princess. I was hope Prince/Princess theme was chosen but the management agreed with Cowboy theme. Ok, just wear any jeans and I need a pair of boots! Where to find it? I just […]


*low battery – 20% battery remaining* *low battery – 10% battery remaining* Nahh, just a moment after this I will connect with charger. Ok, where is my charger? How can this tiny little bag can hide my charger? Ok, cool zizi cool! Maybe those charger accidentally fell out when you took your keys. Then, I […]


“I need black iPhone 7 in my life, so goodbye iPhone 6s.” It’s just my thought, easier said than done. Eza and I talked about the amazing iPhone 7 which launched 8 September 2016. We’re both wanted to upgrade our phone and so happy with the launching. But! What disappointed me the most was “iPhone […]

crazy waze

It’s my 2nd week in Kuala Lumpur! Congratulations, Zizi! You survived! Hee… So, yeah! Bring it on, Key-eyl! I can do this! *giggle* My fiancé slept over Fahmi’s house last weekend and oh, I forgot to mention that I am staying at Reina and Fahmi’s house. On last Saturday, my fiancé and I went to […]

unemployed, Me

I ended my career in Logistics field last friday and now I am officially an unemployed. Yeay! Hahahahaha! I really can’t just sit at home doing nothing. But, I need to remind myself on June, I have to enroll into Giatmara. Huaaaa! Because if not, I will never ever chase my dream which I love […]

oh, please

“How to purchase apps on iTunes?”  “Why I can’t purchase it?” *google everything about Apple ID* I was so excited to purchase Kimoji on iTunes but end up with “Your payment method was declined. Please enter another payment method.” W-H-A-T ???!!! Answer me, what’s wrong with the payment method? I tried both my Visa and MasterCard and […]