helping D

I saw girls selfie with a big duckscarf purple paperbag and directly went to the duck shop at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. “You ask their staff about the telekung project.” I said to my sil then she approach the staff andddddd we got two big duckscarf purple paperbag. “You can keep this telekung and you can […]

140 days

Today is the 140 days after I officially being a wife and I found something I should post before I got married in my notes. First month of our marriage, I was so excited to wait him back from work and the moment I hear the sound of key unlocked I’ll be standing in front […]


Lot of stories I’ve planned to post but I’m so busy entertain my guest. Hmm.. not sure if entertain is the correct word. Last week Maymon and her family stayed at my house for four days. She’s back in Kuala Lumpur! Hee.. welcome back! This weekend is my family in law turn to stay at […]

got ducked 4

“Is Lattice duckscarf still available?” “No. Sold out and colours launched will not be reproduce anymore. They already mentioned on the instagram.” I sigh in my heart and I really want that Mango Lattice. Should have buy on the launching day. Arghhh.. ok, move on! After a week, @theduckgroup posts new colours for Lattice duckscarf […]


“You want to give this as present? Want  us to wrap this?” ask the staff at the cashier counter. I have no idea how she knows I bought this for someone. “How much the wrapping costs?” I just want to make sure it’s free of charge before I agree. “It’s free of charge.” “Ok, just […]


“I’m proud of you” I said the moment I saw my husband steps into the hall. Hmm.. so I guess this is how everyone feel when they see their family graduate. No matter what course they’re studied, their pointer and graduate on time or not. No one will ever judge  instead they’re proud of you. […]


People say “What to expect when you’re expecting.” But for some of the newly wed couple, their expection might hurt them just like me. “I’m period.” “Period? Hmm..” One word could break many people’s heart, like maybe if that person isn’t married yet then it would be a great news for them. My period was […]

lucky draw

“Why this girl so lucky tonight?” My general manager told when he wanted to announce the winner’s name for first prize of lucky draw. “Azizi from Account Department.” Hmm.. I was like what is going on? What prize I just won? Haha! I walked to the stage then I saw handphone paper bag. What phone […]

got ducked 3

“A new one? When did you bought this one?” He asked when he saw my new duck inner neck box. “I bought it before we went back to Kuching.” “How much was that?” “Rm35.” I continue to decorate my wedding gift and ignore him before he asks me more questions. A few days before my wedding day he found […]

new life, new house

My husband just off to work and I can’t go back to sleep. Hmm.. today is Sunday, we’ve got our first guest in our new house. Yeay! Can’t wait to have a company when Mizan is working. We just moved in last two days and our new house still not fully furnished but luckily the […]