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I should sleep at 11 pm after this since yesterday has been an exhausted day for me. Fuhh.. Spent my 17 hours at Ipoh, Perak and now I am here in my room sigh-ing tomorrow I got to work. I miss to spend my weekend with movie marathon and sleep. Last week fly to Kuching […]


“I’m thinking on how to go back.” “Go back? Ohh.. can you cancel your overtime?” “Go back to Kuching not home.” “When do you want to?” I just really can’t hear the word ‘Kuching’, like I really want to be there everyday but I have my own life here in Kuala Lumpur. My fiancé haven’t […]

sky high 2

Phewww.. yesterday was the day, not my wedding day but his birthday. I’ve been asking few people what should I do on his birthday, like I have no idea how to make it special and we can reminisce it. I failed. Hmm.. it’s work better when in group and not individual. Nevermind, just spent my […]

tranung trip 2

Still. Can. Not. Move. On. Hahaha almost a week after the trip but yeah I need another post for tranung trip. Along my trip, I thought of my fiancé. If only he was here with me then we can took a best picture together and more awesome video. But, things happen for a reason. He […]

tranung trip

“So will you go to Zila’s wedding, Zizi?” I’m staring at Kak Ati’s text and need to ask permission from my fiancé (he’s currently my finance advisor) to attend Zila’s wedding. “I can’t decide yet. Later I’ll tell you.” “I hope we can go together. Tomorrow I’ll buy bus tickets. If you want, I can use my […]


Last weekend my friends from Kuching visited Kuala Lumpur and basically I’m please to be their tourist guide. 4 days straight with Kuching people in Kuala Lumpur city. It was fun until I realized that I’ve spent more than hundreds in a blink of an eyes. Whoaaa… I had no idea how it gone! Hmm.. but […]

family first

Seriously, 4 days in Kuching was not enough I must admit. Hmm.. I need to spend a month in my favourite city. Can I? But life must go on. Haha! I still regret myself for being careless with office memo. If I saw it before I bought my flight ticket, I’m pretty sure I can […]

weekend getaway

I’ve been google-ing about Genting Highlands for months and today I got the chance to visit there. My fiancé texted me on Wednesday about his leave has been approved, then I directly went to Go Genting at KL Sentral to buy bus and cable car tickets. It costs only Rm24.60 per person for return bus […]

sky high

As promised by my fiancé few months ago, finally we went to Heli Lounge Bar at Menara KH yesterday to enjoy a beautiful sunset. A view that’s worth our drinks. So beautiful! Just for your information, you’ll found Heli Lounge Bar at Level 34 then their staff will ask whether you want to dine in […]


“This weekend, I plan to go Malacca with you.” “Let’s go!” Then, on Saturday, we went to Malacca just for fun. No shopping, no food hunting, just wander around Malacca. Haha! Yeah, we need this kind of vacation. No plan at all! Arrived Malacca and just directly went to Bandar Hilir Malacca and visit all […]