10pm sharp

At 10pm sharp, by hook or by crook I’ll try my very best to stay awake and watch my favourite current Tv3 drama Nur starring by Syafiq Kyle and Amira Rosli. This kind of drama that we Malaysian really need in our television. Not that typical love life shown in drama but a beautiful Muslim […]


I draft a post to confess about my heartache then I try to draft another post to think it in a positive way. Ever heard of toxic people? I google about it every morning to refresh my mind. If you notice why I don’t talk much with someone, they’re the toxic people I try to […]

plot twist

Staring at my chocolate indulgence cake and thinking about my Emak who is going back home tomorrow. Hmm.. I don’t want her to go back! Stay here with me please. Almost a week with my Emak here with her sister, without their husband. Duhhh.. they have to attend my cousin’s wedding in Shah Alam. Emak, […]

lack of time

So much things to do yet I still didn’t review my draft to update this blog. Yeahh.. I do went somewhere this month and will update soon. A day trip in Kota Kinabalu and tips how to sleep at the airport. Haha Oh, my Emak went visit me last week together with Baby and Kak […]