first step

Pre-marriage course checked! Phewww… after 8 years being in a relationship, we had our courage to attend pre-marriage course. Never imagine myself in this situation with my fiancé. A boy who proposed me to be his girlfriend 8 years ago was sitting next to me 2 days in this class. We’re both stared each other […]

tranung trip

“So will you go to Zila’s wedding, Zizi?” I’m staring at Kak Ati’s text and need to ask permission from my fiancé (he’s currently my finance advisor) to attend Zila’s wedding. “I can’t decide yet. Later I’ll tell you.” “I hope we can go together. Tomorrow I’ll buy bus tickets. If you want, I can use my […]

you choose

“I’m thinking about your wedding, just choose which hotel you want to stay after your reception. I’ll pay.” Emak whatsapp me last night. Hahaha! I was about to fall asleep at that time. For real, Emak? Hahahaha! No joke ok? That’s my Emak. Unexpected! My fiancé and I still have no planning about marriage next […]

one week trip

I split this post because it’s more about trip not the wedding. Just to make sure it’s centralized. Haha! One week in west malaysia wasn’t a great trip, more to exhausted. I am happy with this trip but at the same time I have lack of times. Day 1 – Arrived at Senai International Airport […]

unemployed, Me

I ended my career in Logistics field last friday and now I am officially an unemployed. Yeay! Hahahahaha! I really can’t just sit at home doing nothing. But, I need to remind myself on June, I have to enroll into Giatmara. Huaaaa! Because if not, I will never ever chase my dream which I love […]