*low battery – 20% battery remaining* *low battery – 10% battery remaining* Nahh, just a moment after this I will connect with charger. Ok, where is my charger? How can this tiny little bag can hide my charger? Ok, cool zizi cool! Maybe those charger accidentally fell out when you took your keys. Then, I […]

getting old

“No cake, no problem.” I monologue every year on my birthday. When I was a kid, I don’t understand why my parents didn’t plan anything on my birthday. There’s few celebration but not every year. Now, I am 24 years old and just realize that my birthday is on 18th October, so it’s really times […]

just grab it

“I’ve never been this saddest in my life.” I cried once back to room and changed my clothes, hmm… all wet from head to toe. It’s 8 am and I should be at Lrt Sri Rampai before 9 am. Fuhh! Then, I remember Ain told me before about application named Grab, so I just search […]

the best planner 2

I can’t sleep and watching football match between Liverpool vs Arsenal. Ohh, man! My fiancé keep on whatsapp-ing me “Goalllll” few times! I couldn’t help myself and watch it alone. Hahahaha! Not alone, with those rascal cats for sure. I haven’t share about my happy news with you guys. Heyyy.. Told you about my recent […]

the best planner

Last month, I regret myself for my resignation and I felt so lost about my future. Yes, I hate it when at the end of month, I have nothing to wait for so called payroll. Hahahahaha! Eee… I used to it. The fun and excitement waiting for payroll. Happiness! Yeahh.. I did part time job […]

love power

I had decided to further my study in sewing last few posts, but I ended up with regrets. I started working the day after I have done my final year project and it has been a year. I just really can’t doing nothing and worst part is I don’t want my parents money, all I […]

r letter

Hi, March! How is it going? I am so tired with my job right now. In this lovely morning, I decided to send r letter to our Human Resource Executive without go through my Head of Department. Yeah! Of course I am happy with my job, but position which is not meet my academic qualification? […]

behave, Zizi

Just do your own business, Zizi. BEHAVE YOURSELF Pooff! After I happily google everything, then e-mail pop-up! Ok, print! *not working* *not working* Omz! Told you to behave yourself, Zizi! Just silently sit down and google through your phone. Duhh! Yesterday was my 1st day in my new office and I was too bored doing […]