“Let’s go home!” Emak happily said to me while we’re waiting to check out that morning. Deeply in my heart, it’s shattered into pieces. I calmy answered her “Fly home today and fly back to work tomorrow morning?” Then she replied “Yeah, spend a night at home.” Oh Allah, how can a daughter say no when her mother ask her to go back home. My head a bit dizzy because I try my best not to cry in front of them.

3 days with Emak, Baby and Kak Mieza is not enough for me to embrace this happiness. Almost a year working in Kuala Lumpur, this is my first time meeting my own family here! Hmm.. can I cry? Can I finish this post? I could not imagine if only I lost my family in future, how to react? Oh Allah, please lend them in my life a bit longer. I want to make them happy.

It’s not the first time my Emak ask to go back home, frequently! My Bapak always told me “If you stay in Kuching, your meal and accommodation are free.” Hmm.. why oh why? Life is not as easy as I imagine. I miss them already I wish they can be here or I can be there 24/7. 25 years old and still clingy with my family!


It took me few weeks to finish this post because I cry everytime I try to finish it. Nahh.. about to skip this post but I want to make it memorable so that one fine day I’ll read it back and proudly say “I surviveed.” I left my hometown for a reason and will continue as what He plans for me. I don’t know the pros or cons but still will not give up. (I’m typing and wipe my tears, not really tears just tearing on the inside)

I pray to Allah everytime to bless my parents and my family. They are my strength no matter what people might say about them. I am too bless to have them in my life. I love all of them! *weeping*

Oh.. already book my Raya flight ticket but haven’t apply my leave yet. Wohooo! So excited for Ramadhan, it’s my second year fasting in Kuala Lumpur. I am ready but need to go to work at 8.30 am next Monday. Argghhh! Hahaha I want to sleep now, guys. Night from Malaysia! *smooch

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** We went to Boat Noodle and my Emak only gave Rm20 to pay our early dinner. She thought Rm1.90 per bowl is cheap but she didn’t knew the price of our drinks. Hahaha Rm20 for real, Emak? Nahh.. I miss my family. Hmmm

lack of time


So much things to do yet I still didn’t review my draft to update this blog. Yeahh.. I do went somewhere this month and will update soon. A day trip in Kota Kinabalu and tips how to sleep at the airport. Haha

Oh, my Emak went visit me last week together with Baby and Kak Mieza. Actually, they went shopping for Raya outfit. Duhhh.. nevermind will update by this week. I miss blogging! I do have lot of ideas but lack of time to even login wordpress. Nahh.. blame iFlix! I spend too much time watching drama and will also share about this application with you guys (if I have time) by this week.

Fuhh.. goodnight and sleep tight, guys! Haven’t heard the sleep tight wish for so long.

fly back

If only I can be at home every weekend same as last few weeks. Sigh… if only I can eat my Emak’s cooking for lunch and dinner. Scrolling my phone and all I can see is my family’s photo update every single day. I miss home!

Last few weeks I flew to Kuching unplanned, blame on my siblings who have fun without me. On 7th April morning, I had a videocall with my siblings and they’re just about to go out. I was here in Kuala Lumpur thought of buying a plane ticket last minute and wanted to join them. Calculator on my hands, need to figure out how much I need to save for survive after I back from Kuching. Ok, my fiancé approved and flight booked! Fuhhh.. I bought last flight KUL-KCH, and hopefully I manage to check in since I need to stop by Berjaya Times Square and buy my Emak’s cardigan.

All my tasks done (even it’s not, just consider done) and ready to go home pack my things. My fiancé arrived, so here we go a rushing night begun. I knew he might be mad at me, but I miss home! Hee… no other valid reason, just I want to go out and shop with my family. Finally, we arrived KLIA, I got my flight ticket, hungry but need to board, he kissed me goodbye (no, he wasn’t) and I’m a ready to fly!

A moment I arrived Kuching, I felt so happy “Yeay, can’t wait to shop! Are you ready, Abang?” Nahh.. as I wanted, we spent a day with my siblings just like before. Hmm.. after so long didn’t spent my times with them. Rifqi even try to insist me buying him a new shirt. Opps.. new shirts! That kid really know how to take advantage with his sister. Hahaha! But after all, I felt lonely not because I am unhappy but there’s something just not right. Oh, I forgot my fiancé in Kuala Lumpur. Hmm.. will never fly alone anymore, I miss my beloved driver. Haha! From afternoon, I spent times with Eza and Baby. To be honest, I texted Eza almost every day but only that day I manage to go out with her.

Then, on Sunday supposed to be my KCH-KUL flight but I need to change into next morning flight due to fully booked. Disadvantage when you use id travel. Cancelled my heartache feeling, now back to my lovely home and cuddling with them. Can I just stay here forever? I don’t want to go back to Kuala Lumpur. Weeping as usual on my last day in Kuching. Next Monday morning, Kak Mieza and Wani sent me to airport at 4am. It’s Monday, I need to go to work at 9am and my flight at 5am. How like this? Seems ridiculous but funny, I go to work from Kuching? Haha! Ok, back to reality and can’t wait to meet my fiancé.

first step

Pre-marriage course checked!

Phewww… after 8 years being in a relationship, we had our courage to attend pre-marriage course. Never imagine myself in this situation with my fiancé. A boy who proposed me to be his girlfriend 8 years ago was sitting next to me 2 days in this class. We’re both stared each other everytime the speaker highlight important things in marriage. With zero knowledge about marriage we have learnt a lot and now ready to face the reality. Hmm.. are we ready physically and mentally enough? Oh mann, not really! Maybe I am too nervous to be his wife. Like, we will live together until the end of our lives. Hmm.. may Allah ease everything.

After we attended the course, my fiancé stressed me about our honeymoon. Nahh… I am busy with our wedding list but he already thinking of honeymoon. Ehemm.. “Did you read the article?” He refer to recently went viral about Ptptn debtors restrict going abroad which I am one of them. “Wohooo… honeymoon in Malaysia. We can go to Langkawi then hashtag Thailand. Ohh, we can go to Melaka the historical state. Great!” I just ignore him while finishing my meal then I add in “Or we can go to Sabah and hashtag New Zealand.” Duhhh… later lah I will think about my debts. Now, we need to concentrate with our wedding. Heee…

I don’t want to inform people when will be my exact wedding day. I am afraid it will not run smoothly as our plan because Allah is the one who will decide. So, I only talk about it with Emak, Kak Mieza (my sil), Eza (my bestfriend) and of course with my beloved fiancé. So no more blogging about wedding. Just patiently keep on silent and wait for the right timing. Hmm.. long way to go but hopefully this year will be our year!

Get married on our 8th and pregnant on 9th. Amin-

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tranung trip 2

Still. Can. Not. Move. On.

Hahaha almost a week after the trip but yeah I need another post for tranung trip. Along my trip, I thought of my fiancé. If only he was here with me then we can took a best picture together and more awesome video. But, things happen for a reason. He need to work and earn money.

Remember I told about a Kedai Rm2 at Kuala Berang, Terengganu? I save it to share with you guys in this post. Every single things cost Rm2.12, guys! Cheaper than Daiso! Whoaaa! Can I live nearby this shop? I just hope this shop available in Kuala Lumpur. Hmm..

Processed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc presetC85E8C3B-F152-4B4A-ADA3-BAA187E1FC2C

How to resist this kind of temptation? I bought colourful ball pen, water bottle, hairband, Mr Potato, baby pin and earphone for only Rm12.72. So cheap I want to buy everything! I plan on moving to Terengganu soon. Hahaha before I went to Terengganu I can’t imagine how it will looks like, their culture, environment and even foods. I only know about their famous keropok lekor and island. On the day before we started our trip, I texted Kak Ati and ask a stupid question “Is Atm machine available at your village?” Hahahahaha! Ishh.. so humiliating lah Zizi. Of course it’s available! They also developing lah and of course beautiful.

Hmm.. next vacation please? I’m thinking of Borneo but the question is when? Pre-wedding photoshoot, maybe? Hee..

tranung trip

“So will you go to Zila’s wedding, Zizi?”
I’m staring at Kak Ati’s text and need to ask permission from my fiancé (he’s currently my finance advisor) to attend Zila’s wedding. “I can’t decide yet. Later I’ll tell you.” “I hope we can go together. Tomorrow I’ll buy bus tickets. If you want, I can use my money first.” Whoaaa.. Kak really wanted me to attend Zila’s with her like I was about to cancel but hmmmm… Then, I texted my fiancé “Sayang, my housemate about to get married. The one from Terengganu.” It took me few minutes to have courage sending those text. “You can go. Later on our wedding day, I’m afraid no one will come.” Oh my, thank you for your understanding, Fiancé! Of course I paid the bus tickets once he approved my trip, it’s mid month and everyone needs money.

Now, my 7 hours trip started with traffic jammed due to school’s holiday. Ok. Stucked for almost half an hour in front of TBS. Whoaa… I can walk faster than this. Have not started yet, about to start the trip. Should just fly but too late to buy flight tickets, so bus is the answer. It’s my 4th bus ride and the longest was Kuching to Miri trip in 2012. 5 years ago, now 7 hours? Small matter! At 11pm we started our trip and I already saved Gossip Girl to watch along the road.

We arrived Kuala Berang (Kak Ati’s hometown) around 6 am and we slept for only 3 hours the moment we’re home.  For breakfast, I ate Nasi Dagang and Kak Ati’s mother joined us. She spoke Terengganu’s language fluently I didn’t understand any of her words. I just nodded and replied ok, uh-oh, right, yesss.. sorry aunty, it’s pleasure to meet you but if only I can speak Terengganu’s language. I have problem to speak with Kak Ati’s whole family even her daughter be like“Nak tengok Ayang.” She wants to see the chicken. Hahaha! But can lah understand a bit, I can adapt this.

At 2pm we went to Zila’s wedding ceremony at Marang. She’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to get married. Ok, main mission of this trip accomplished! After that we went to Lagun Kuala Ibai since we’re at Kuala Terengganu now it’s time to explore Tranung! Hee.. I can see the blue ocean and texted my fiancé. If only he’s here with me right now. Hmm.. I miss him! Ok, let’s just put that aside. At Lagun Kuala Ibai, there’s a beautiful white mosque named Masjid Terapung (floating mosque). Obviously not really floating, it’s built in a middle of a lake. So beautiful! Hmmm.. In a middle of lake and in front of the sea.

We’re done taking a plenty of picture and directly went to Pantai Batu Buruk. Coincidently, there’s an event was held “Pesta Pantai” and lots of people came. Yeah, I know they planned to welcome me here. No need guys, thank you by the way. Haha! Oh, we took carriage-ride there as if we were Cinderella. Heee.. but only for few minutes not to long. Only Rm5 per person what to expect. Hmm.. Then, at night after we had dinner, we went to Losong to buy Kepok Lekor. My Emak in Kuching asked me to buy Kepok Lekor. She’s in Kuching and I stay in Kuala Lumpur. How? Hahaha anything for you, Emak.

The next day, we went to Kak Ati’s family feast. Again I had a heavy breakfast, they cooked Nasi Lemuni. Gulai (curry) is their main dish here. So yummy! Then, we went back home and rest before start our 7 hours trip to KL. At night we went to Kedai Rm2, our last visit in Terengganu. Oh my guys! Every single things in that shop costs Rm2! It’s Rm2.12 actually includes Gst. I was like “Can I live here? Or is this shop available in KL?” I bought some ridiculous things and now ready to go home.

Wohooo! We arrived KL around 5.30 am and I need to go to work at 9 am. Hmmm… exhausted but fun! Can’t visit any island here but next time will meet again with my fiancé. Haha! Once he already be my husband lah.

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sushi date

“Sayang, I had lunch at Sushi King with Ika.”
“Let’s eat sushi?”
“Oh, you ask me why but you agreed everything to your friend? As if I had never ask you to eat sushi with me.”

Yeahh, that’s my man who I barely listen to his wants. I’m deaf, I bet. Last Saturday, we had dinner at Rokko Japanese Grill Dining. Just to make him happy and as my apology for ignoring his wants. Haha! Nahh.. I remember the day we wanted to dine in at Sushi King Kuching but seriously wrong timing. It’s bonanza day and people queued make me changed my mind. Haha I’m hungry and can’t help myself to wait.

Oh, Rokko Japanese Grill Dining located at Le Apple Boutique Hotel Klcc, my workplace of course. Haha! Great news, I got staff discount so no worry just eat all those japanese cuisine. I mean sushi but the moment we chose the menu for dinner (I am the one who ordered), all I thought of was malay cuisine which I need a bowl of rice, main and side dishes. Woww! Why don’t I order all kind of sushi? I just ordered Salmon Sushi and only realized once I finished my foods. Hmm… so malaysian lah, Zizi.

Happy tummies! I love their salmon sushi, guys hurry up and try Rokko Japanese Grill Dining. Hee.. My fiancé only thanks me via Whatsapp once he got back at his home. Yeahh, ego maniac kind of fiancé. Haha but I told him after we ate “After this, don’t mention about sushi as we already had it, ok?” Weeee.. no more promises! All settle! It’s always nice to see him happy. Later we eat sushi at Sushi King ok, Sayang? More cheaper than Rokko. Hahaha! Rokko a bit exclusive just for our first sushi date.


Sushi date with Mizan, checked!

high expectation

I heard many dissolution of marriage nowadays which lead me to gamophobia. Even a stupid simple matter can’t be solved by the couple and that’s why lots of people end their marriage with unfinished business. I may not yet be married but I need to get ready 100% before entering the marriage world.

Based on my perception, there’s only one thing that can affect the failure of marriage. Two words: HIGH EXPECTATION. The reality of marriage is not how you expected it to be, it’s a bittersweet road that you have to go through with your chosen partner. Before getting married, you must agree to live with your partner and expect a happy life in the near future. But, a happy life you expected include financial stability, a romantic 24 hours partner, a partner who will fulfill all your needs and wants, 24 hours full of attention and whatnot.

Guys, marriage isn’t about a happy disney love story full of fantasies and happiness. Marriage is more or less like gambling. Why? It’s because the person you know before you got married can be vice versa. They’ll not show you their true colors. So, you have to expect less with your partner. They might can’t give you enough money, happiness, sadness, love, child and any reasonable things in life. For example, you expect a rich boyfriend will give you happiness after marriage but the happiness is only based on money which in return will result in money based love which shows that money is the dominant factor. Another example is you can hate your partner because they can’t afford to give you extra pocket money but they love you with all their heart, their only mistake was having low income but you should learn to be blessed as long as he can afford to feed your family.

Marriage is a gamble, some might disagree but I totally agree with this! You might say that I haven’t experience yet the marriage life and told me I’m wrong but it’s only my perception and opinion, I already learnt lessons about marriage from people I’ve known. Ladies and gentlemen, whatever happen please remember your vows upon wedding. “Through thick or thin and for better or worse”. Just remember your own parents, how they survived their marriage and learn from them.

There are some married couple who you thought have no problems at all is actually covering their problems in public eventhough in reality, they have bigger problems than you. Even some parents have covered their problems from their children. They often and always find solutions not to make everything worsen. God will not let you be tempted beyond ability. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a solution for you.

And ohhh for divorced, just a friendly reminder, don’t ever humiliate your ex because they also are human beings. You can text them directly or you can just let the law take action on them. Please be ashamed and think rationally. By humiliating them in public won’t make you any better but only shows you are an attention bitch. Keep it private, ok?

As for all of the single people, don’t set high expectations with your future partner. They are not your bank, maid, fairy, donkey and whatnot. They are just like you, a normal human being with feelings that a normal homosapien should have. Conclusion of marriage, you want Louis Vuitton handbag but you only afford to buy a fake Louis Vuitton so don’t expect the quality will be the same. People are not the same. Thank you.


Last weekend my friends from Kuching visited Kuala Lumpur and basically I’m please to be their tourist guide. 4 days straight with Kuching people in Kuala Lumpur city. It was fun until I realized that I’ve spent more than hundreds in a blink of an eyes. Whoaaa… I had no idea how it gone! Hmm.. but nevermind, need to be more aware the moment I withdraw my money. Haha!

I went out with Ika (my sister’s friend) 3 days straight and it has been years I didn’t meet to her. I knew her since she was in primary school because she went to the same class with my sister, Baby. We lepak at Impiana Klcc, lunch at Sushi King Avenue K, try to find Frenzyhoodx behind Berjaya Times Square, lunch at Express Teppanyaki Pavilian and hi tea at Chinoz at the park (she thought it was Ben’s). Hahaha! We laughed a lots and it’s fun to know each other better.

Then, I spent my weekend with Pqah (one of my DW) accompanied her on wedding shopping. Oh, we met Rozita Che’ Wan and Janna Nick at Jakel, Jalan TAR. Both of them are so beautiful and Che’ Ta is way too skinny than me. On a scale 1 to 10 from Che Ta beautifulness, I’m 0.5. Hahahaha! She’s like an angel, so pretty! Pqah’s niece also followed her, she’s not even 1 year old. A baby who so excited to visit Kuala Lumpur.

Finally, I went back home and need a year to have enough rest. Whoaa.. this weekend isn’t the same with others because I spent with friends which I missed being like this. But, as my fiancé remind me “Sayang, Kuala Lumpur is a place you to live not to visit.” Hahaha! I spent too much until I forgot that no one support me in Kuala Lumpur. Don’t act like you have one, Zizi! Next time, be aware with your own account balance!

How to save my money in Kuala Lumpur if all I can see is SALE?! Even if I spend time alone, I will still don’t know where my money gone. Fuhhh.. everytime I step one foot outside my house, automatically Rm50 gone. As if lah, it’s just my own metaphore. Heee..


See, within a week I bought things with crazy discounts. How like this? Hahaha welcome to Kuala Lumpur.

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crazy installment

“Sayang, accompany me to Courts today.”
“I want to see their installment plan & thinking of selling my phone.”
“So, what phone will you use? Better not! You actually want iPhone 7, right?”

I want iPhone 7 so bad, oppss.. 7 plus so bad! I’ve been searching about iPhone 7 price in Kuala Lumpur. Then, I saw something interesting at courts website about Flexi Credit Courts. I thought installment with 0% interest means customer will pay total amount of the goods. However, once my fiancé and I arrived at Courts it wasn’t as I expected. The customer need to pay RM167 monthly within 60 months for an iPhone 7 plus which costs RM3,799. RM167 x 60 months = RM10,020. Whattttt??????? The moment I calculate it, I thought it’s better to save RM500 per month from my salary rather than I pay RM167 monthly for 5 years. I make a great choice by leaving Courts and congratulation for thinking carefully.

Thank you, Emak because you gave me money to buy this iPhone 6s. I will use this phone until new iPhone launch and ask Bapak buy for me. Patience is all I need. Hahaha! Whoever take a risk to buy goods by installment, I don’t know how you guys live your life. No wonder some people said “biar papa kedana asal bergaya” or in english “go broke trying to look rich”. I better use my salary to pay back my PTPTN or buy a new car/house than paying that installment plan. Duhhh.. life isn’t about compete to own the latest iPhone but to fulfill what you really need.