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I should sleep at 11 pm after this since yesterday has been an exhausted day for me. Fuhh.. Spent my 17 hours at Ipoh, Perak and now I am here in my room sigh-ing tomorrow I got to work. I miss to spend my weekend with movie marathon and sleep. Last week fly to Kuching and this week trip to Perak with my fiancé (family matter purpose) which supposed to be a day but overnight at his aunt’s house. Unplanned! Hmm.. in future we need to go back to Perak for good ok, Sayang? I haven’t see Kelly castle, water theme park date at Lost world of Tambun and try white coffee at different Kopitiam. Nahh.. not to far from Kuala Lumpur, can lah next time.

At Udak’s house (my fiancé’s aunt) I just realized that I brought my handphone with me since I arrived Ipoh. I must admit it was for me not to feel awkward in front of his family. I am still got nervous breakdown everytime I meet his family. Even though they are very friendly and easy to get along but nahhh maybe I am not his official wife yet that’s why I still need times to figure this out. Since I have my handphone with me and I tend to upload everything on my Instagram story. It’s not my fault! I am not addict to social media. Noooo! Hmm.. I do know I can have a good/better/best day of my life without uploading it to social media. I can live without Facebook for 5 years and Twitter for 3 years, I think I can do this with Instagram. In my dream! How not to expose my personal life into Instagram like I really need my followers to know what am I doing today and how do I feel. It’s just too wrong! Exposing too much about our life can be depressing! People will judge your life only based on your Instagram picture and that’s not good! But what to do, people can keep their judgment and we can do nothing about it but to live our life as usual. Life must go on!

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That’s my fiancé smoking and scrolling his phone while I sat in the car staring at my phone. The battery is dead and still I can live my life even though I need to scroll my Instagram feed or watching how many people already viewed my story. Sick but I can do this! Only show when you want to show but not everything ok, Zizi? Good!

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The only places in Ipoh I visited last night. Duhhh.. ohh, it’s 11.12 pm! I need to sleep now or else I will regret it tomorrow morning. Night and sleep tight!



“I’m thinking on how to go back.”
“Go back? Ohh.. can you cancel your overtime?”
“Go back to Kuching not home.”
“When do you want to?”

I just really can’t hear the word ‘Kuching’, like I really want to be there everyday but I have my own life here in Kuala Lumpur. My fiancé haven’t go back Kuching this Eid and I persuade him to go back today! Whoaaa.. since this isn’t a black out period we can book tickets through his id travel and the right time to persuade him. After few hours, I try to persuade him and finally he agree and directly book our tickets.

But! My fiancé already in Kuching right at this moment and me sitting here in KLIA staring at my KFC fried chicken weeping on the inside. I missed my flight and rebook until tomorrow morning. Now I am alone, super hungry, exhausted and I forgot my earphone. Eeee! How can I forgot it? The use of earphone during overnight at the airport is very important! Hmmm…

Here are some tips when you overnight at the airport: 1. Find your own spot where you can sleep or just be comfortable with yourself (some prefer to stay at the Surau) 2. Make sure you are aware with your belongings! Don’t be careless. 3. As for me, I’ll find plug to charge my phone. Don’t worry you can find it everywhere just go wander around the airport. 4. Make sure you inform your family or friends just in case anything happen. 5. Do whatever you want. Bye

This is my second time overnight at the airport but the first time at KLIA. If you overnight at KLIA 2, there will be lots of shop so you can waste your time but their shop will be closed at midnight. Not open for 24 hours as per my experience lah. Here at KLIA, I don’t know what am I going to do tonight. Let’s just watch movie on iflix in mute because I don’t bring my earphone! Hmmm…


My blanket is from @theduckgroup , just kidding they haven’t launch any duck blanket yet. It’s my shawl the only thing I can cover myself to sleep. Ok night!

skinflint 3

This month is a very challenging month as last week Muslim celebrated Eid and I gave all out escpecially money. So, it’s not the right time for me to shop. But, Jelly Bunny store is excluded from my shopping rehab. Hahaha like how can you not buy goods with 90% discount and of course I bought it. It’s so cheap and I really need new sandal. Hehe

Ever heard of Jelly Bunny? I love the scent of this shop, full with sweet scent from their goods. Hmm.. yummy! I never bought anything from this brand and  it’s my first time. Since it’s so cheap I don’t consider myself breaking the shopping rehab. The price of the sandal is the same price of my lunch. More or less the same what to expect it’s 90% discount.

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Hello, Jelly Bunny! Welcome to my shoes rack and I will forgot about your existance in few months more. Haha so beautiful and of course the cheapest sandal I’ve ever bought.

sky high 2

Phewww.. yesterday was the day, not my wedding day but his birthday. I’ve been asking few people what should I do on his birthday, like I have no idea how to make it special and we can reminisce it. I failed. Hmm.. it’s work better when in group and not individual. Nevermind, just spent my day with him even though I annoyed him so much but as long as I can be with him nothing else matter. Too clingy and I need no help I am just fine. Hahaha

No cake, no balloon, no decoration, just a great view of Kuala Lumpur to celebrate his birthday. Where did we go? To the Skybar Traders Hotel. Yeayyy! All I want was a cake for his birthday unfortunately food is not available until 6.00 pm. No cake no problem! He didn’t want it, I asked him several times but no thanks. Fuhh.. lucky me since a slice of cake at Skybar costs Rm20 and above. Hehe stingy fiancée!

I hope that he like it (he forced me to take his picture until he got the best shot to post it on instagram) and sorry I really don’t know how to celebrate your birthday. Later when I am officially your wife then we can travel to anywhere on your birthday.


Anyway, if you guys want to visit this place you can go to Skybar, Level 33, Traders Hotel and you will see an upscale cocktail bar with swimming pool and a great view of Kuala Lumpur. Beverage costs around Rm18 and above, it’s cheaper than Helipad Lounge Bar. Take note please, food is not available during daytime.

Sky high and fly! Happy birthday, Sayang. Sorry for something and thanks for everything! Loveyou

got duck-ed 2

“Hello, I bought the wrong color last Saturday and it didn’t match my Eid outfit. When is the last date of exchange?” The customer called and sigh in her heart, this is what happen if you forgot what color you should match your scarf and outfit (I can’t differ the shade with different tone). “You can do exchange until 10 June 2017.” Answered the friendly staff. “What type of scarf can I exchange with?” The customer wants to exchange with their latest Limited Edition scarf. “What scarf you bought?” “Satin Silk Ash Lee.” “You can only exchange with Premium Basic scarf.”

The customer hope that she can exchange with the Black Alhambra but nahhh in her dream. I should have answered yes when my fiancé thought I was about to buy the printed scarf last Saturday. Duhhh… today I went again to Duck store and exchanged my Satin Silk Ash Lee to Satin Silk Black Olive. Last Saturday, black scarf sold out but they have the stock today. Hmm.. luckily it’s the first color I wanted to buy.

Then the moment I exit the store, I capture Black Alhambra scarf and weeping inside. “Sayang, I want that Alhambra scarf.” I told my fiancé, he was like “How much is that scarf?” Okkkkkk… how should I answer? My plan was to buy without his knowledge. Hahaha but failed! “Why do you want those scarf?” He said and stare at me. “Why don’t you have Converse instead of Adidas?” I replied him and insist to buy the Alhambra scarf. “You can buy the scarf but you will never get your hantaran.” I want hantaran more than that Alhambra scarf. Haha I can get Coach perfume set which even cheaper than that scarf. Oklahh, no need Alhambra scarf in my life.


Conclussion, buy the Limited Edition Duck scarf when your man wants to buy their crazy expensive sneakers. Fair enough. Hmm.. you wait, Mizan. Hahaha


**hantaran – wedding gift exchange for bride and groom

baby G

Remember my last few posts about Guess handbag? Nahhh… when I uploaded it on my whatsapp story, people called me bragging. Is it hurts you so much? Like why you need to compare everything, I never wanted to compete.

Ok, let’s move on and just be yourself. From my tumblr to my wordpress I did mentioned about bag like lots! I am a handbag lover so what did I do wrong by trying another brand? What I am trying to say was I am enough with Mango and Charles & Keith since that’s the only brand I’ve been using this couple years. Oh.. not to forget Vincci, H&M and Roxy. Also, some unknown brands from China. Hahaha so please read my blog often so that you wouldn’t get offended.

Nahh enough with nagging, why Guess? Firstly, I already set in my mind when I just started my career “One fine day, if I can afford to buy Guess handbag that’s mean my financial stability is getting better.” I said that to my bestfriend, Eza about my target. Everyone need a target in their life! I don’t live to please people, get a life. So, last few weeks I’ve spent my lunch hour by wandering around Klcc then good news I found out that iSetan having a big sale (big sale for me lah). I brave myself to check on Guess handbag and yeahh they also have sale! Woot woooott! Who doesn’t like sale? But as what I’ve mentioned before Korry Satchel Guess handbag sold out and luckily I found other choice at Parkson Klcc.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset2999EBCD-37E8-4FA9-95CB-544F59CC5B83B7535F1D-51B8-45A6-9E6F-E5EF49D9486B8170AB07-FB3D-41F9-918B-A9AC8B2DDD85

From an expensive price (which I’m surely can’t afford) into an affordable price, it’s a big deal for me to grab this opportunity to buy a new handbag for myself with MY OWN MONEY. Like I don’t even ask my fiancé to buy it for me. I asked myself to buy it since I want it for a long time ago. People need to stop judging someone’s life based on a picture in their social media. You don’t even know the whole story. Don’t easily get offended and be happy that I don’t have time to compete. Life isn’t a competetion and I guess it’s your problem if you get mad when people have something better than you. Cool, okay? You’re not going to win any trophy for being rich enough than others. No one cares!

Today I asked my fiancé “Is it wrong that I shop too much?” “No, as long as you pay it yourself.” Hahahahaha next month will focus with my hantaran ok, Sayang? Hee

got duck-ed

“Sayang, I want to buy a scarf.” Me with a smile on my face hopefully that he will give me a green light. “What scarf?” He stare and give a disagree face at me. “That scarf. Hmmm…” I don’t have the strength to even say the brand. “Ohh.. that scarf you want before?” Nahh he already got the clue and he nag at me for shopping too much along our way to Pavilion Shopping Mall.

He’s sitting on the couch while I’m still searching for a black shawl. Any kind of material but not the fluffy Duck scarf. Bad news black scarves are all sold out in store. “Sayang, black scarf is not available.” “What? Plain scarf? I thought you want to buy a pattern kind of scarf.” “Nahh.. those scarf costs around Rm300 and above.” I drag him to FashionValet downstairs. They also have no black scarf in store. Hmmm.. if I purchase online, I need to wait for few days. Nahhh.. just buy the Satin Silk Ash Lee for Eid since our first Eid outfit is grey so yeahh can lahh.

“I bet that scarf will not be used by you in future.” He still nag at me. Hahahaha just admit that he knows me better and his nag is true. My desire is temporary but I will buy another Duck scarf in future. Heheee..


I still remember my first time saw Duck scarf and I said to myself “Nahh.. not that good. I better buy scarf at Jalan Tar.” It’s all when I have no money to buy it and now I can see why people are so into Duck scarf. Material used by them is the best! Finally, I got my first Duck! Quack-quack! Will try mixed crepe scarf in future, InsyaAllah if I have extra money. Hee..

bargain sale

*woot wootttt*

Last Saturday, I was so frustrated when I found out Korry Status Satchel Guess sold out and today I bought another Guess’ bag for Eid. Fuhh.. luckily I found a new satisfying handbag to cure my frustration. Hehe..

After my fiancé and I had our Iftar, we went to Berjaya Times Squre to find a pleated pants for my SIL. Once we bought it then we went to Uniqlo, it’s my fiancé favourite shop and a must stop by kind of shop. Basically, I’ll just wander around while he check the latest outfit but today I found bargain sale area in Uniqlo. Guess what? It’s Hana Tajima’s collection! I’m not sure which season but heyy top costs Rm39.90, who doesn’t want it right? Of course I bought that top right away, it’s cheap ok I can afford it. Heee..

Before my fiancé went home, I asked him “Why those Hana Tajima’s collection is cheaper than before?” And he replied “Maybe it’s their old stocks.”

Ok, Sayang.


swipe now

This lovely Saturday, I’ve decided to buy a new handbag at Isetan Klcc for upcoming Eid. I was so excited even though that bag was supposed to be my hantaran but can’t wait until end of year. My fiancé give me green light to buy that handbag for Eid since the price is quite cheaper than the original price. Unfortunately, it was sold out this evening like I just saw it on Thursday and put blame on me because I should buy it yesterday but I decided to go back home right after I finished my work.

*grind in front of my fiancé*

He mocked me and serve him right that he can’t find a suitable watch for his hantaran today. Huhh! 1-1 ok, Mizan? “I can’t buy my bag and same goes with you.” Both of us went to Starbucks and weep our heart out. Nahhh.. we’re google-ing things we want to buy for our wedding.

I’ve always experience this kind of situation, everytime I want something and I was like “Buy tomorrow lah, no need to buy today.” I need to change my mindset starts from now on whenever I want something, just swipe and don’t wait! ‘Cause waiting is not good for us! It’ll only left us with broken heart. Hmmm.. and so I directly went to Guess shop at Klcc, luckily that Korry bag was one of the last season collection. It kind of relieve me a bit and I can wait until before Eid to buy new handbag. Ramadhan just started but I already want to buy things for Eid how like this, Zizi?

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“Let’s go home!” Emak happily said to me while we’re waiting to check out that morning. Deeply in my heart, it’s shattered into pieces. I calmy answered her “Fly home today and fly back to work tomorrow morning?” Then she replied “Yeah, spend a night at home.” Oh Allah, how can a daughter say no when her mother ask her to go back home. My head a bit dizzy because I try my best not to cry in front of them.

3 days with Emak, Baby and Kak Mieza is not enough for me to embrace this happiness. Almost a year working in Kuala Lumpur, this is my first time meeting my own family here! Hmm.. can I cry? Can I finish this post? I could not imagine if only I lost my family in future, how to react? Oh Allah, please lend them in my life a bit longer. I want to make them happy.

It’s not the first time my Emak ask to go back home, frequently! My Bapak always told me “If you stay in Kuching, your meal and accommodation are free.” Hmm.. why oh why? Life is not as easy as I imagine. I miss them already I wish they can be here or I can be there 24/7. 25 years old and still clingy with my family!


It took me few weeks to finish this post because I cry everytime I try to finish it. Nahh.. about to skip this post but I want to make it memorable so that one fine day I’ll read it back and proudly say “I surviveed.” I left my hometown for a reason and will continue as what He plans for me. I don’t know the pros or cons but still will not give up. (I’m typing and wipe my tears, not really tears just tearing on the inside)

I pray to Allah everytime to bless my parents and my family. They are my strength no matter what people might say about them. I am too bless to have them in my life. I love all of them! *weeping*

Oh.. already book my Raya flight ticket but haven’t apply my leave yet. Wohooo! So excited for Ramadhan, it’s my second year fasting in Kuala Lumpur. I am ready but need to go to work at 8.30 am next Monday. Argghhh! Hahaha I want to sleep now, guys. Night from Malaysia! *smooch

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** We went to Boat Noodle and my Emak only gave Rm20 to pay our early dinner. She thought Rm1.90 per bowl is cheap but she didn’t knew the price of our drinks. Hahaha Rm20 for real, Emak? Nahh.. I miss my family. Hmmm