lucky draw

“Why this girl so lucky tonight?” My general manager told when he wanted to announce the winner’s name for first prize of lucky draw. “Azizi from Account Department.” Hmm.. I was like what is going on? What prize I just won? Haha! I walked to the stage then I saw handphone paper bag. What phone I just won? Oh, it’s Samsung A8+! I don’t know how to react but of course I’m nervous.

I texted my husband “Sayang, I just won Samsung.” Deep in my heart, I only wanted Television from last year annual dinner. I just moved in and my new house still got no television. Oklahh, Samsung also can. My colleague, May, tried to swap prize with me. She’s got 49″ television and interested with my prize. Why would she wants to swap prize with me? It’s just Samsung A8+ which I didn’t knew it’s a latest product from Samsung.

After that, I started to think what should I do with this handphone? I still love my iPhone, can’t afford to have a new one and my parents will not grant my wish anymore. Weep! How I wish it was iPhone! I asked my husband what should I do and I’ve decided to swap it with May. Of course she will add some cash, my handphone more expensive than her television. No need to use Samsung and stay with my iPhone even though it’s just 6s but I’ve been using it since 2015.

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Alhamdulillah, annual dinner last year I just won hamper and this year I won 3 prizes. I got vaccum, vest and television (swap with May), my new house is now complete! Oh, I also got spa treatment voucher worth Rm160! Hehehe


got ducked 3

“A new one? When did you bought this one?” He asked when he saw my new duck inner neck box. “I bought it before we went back to Kuching.” “How much was that?” “Rm35.” I continue to decorate my wedding gift and ignore him before he asks me more questions. A few days before my wedding day he found the original price of the inner and told me “It’s not Rm35, I saw it on their website.” Hmm.. the cat is out of the bag but luckily the actual price I paid was Rm35, bought it during sale and I didn’t informed him. Fuhh.. it’s before we’re married and now I can’t hide from him anymore. He saw my duckscarves and still have not said a word about it. Just wait until he asks me how much I’ve spent on duckscarves.

Remember when I blog about klduck? Yupp.. finally mine after years I keep on doubting to buy it or not. But this one, we bought together at the Duck store Pavilion for my wedding gifts exchange. Hehe! My first limited edition duckscarf is now my overused shawl even though I only wore it three to four times. Ahh.. I need black klduck and also world map duck. It’s not a new limited edition but I don’t care and for sure I want the original one not preloved.

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Hmm.. I just love their boxes! I’m on duck rehab now until they restock black klduck. Stay safe bank account!


new life, new house

My husband just off to work and I can’t go back to sleep. Hmm.. today is Sunday, we’ve got our first guest in our new house. Yeay! Can’t wait to have a company when Mizan is working. We just moved in last two days and our new house still not fully furnished but luckily the landlord provides refrigerator and washing machine. Of course they also provide sofa, beds, wardrobe and etc.

I signed a tenancy agreement last week for the first time in my life. It’s the third week of our marriage and we started to live together. Whoaa.. still feeling good with marriage not yet nightmare. Hehe.. As my colleague advised me “First year of marriage is your sweet dream but nightmare will starts on the second year.”

Our problems right now are we’ve got no kitchen stove, set of dishes and iron. That kind of things which I left at Kuching seems very important in my life right now. Kitchen stove we will buy it next week, Yana will bring the dishes today (yeay!) and iron already bought at M3 Mall yesterday. Settle! Ohh.. our new house just nearby M3 Mall.

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Look at that cute yellow plastic plates! Haha that’s what happen if you left your wedding present at Kuching.

Yesterday my husband yelled for no reason and I asked what’s wrong with him. “It’s my house.” He answered then laughed. Hello, reality of marriage life! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

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blessfull wedding

It’s 7th January 2018 and I’m late to post about my last post being a single woman. Duhh.. planned to post it before my wedding day but too exhausted to login wordpress.

29th December 2017 was the day my fiancé and I tied the knot. I’m now officially someone’s wife, Mizan’s wife. What did I felt? Amazing! Like everyone asked me “How do you feel?” And I answered “I feel good!”. It’s only few days after my wedding of course I’m feeling good. Hahaha! Get it? Nahh.. it’s typical for every newly wed.

My wedding went smoothly like no drama  except a bit argument between my Emak and I (regarding how many person she invited to my Solemnization day) but she forgive me and smile during the day. Hahaha we’re just nervous because it’s her first daughter who about to get married. Nevermind everything was under controlled and thank you to everyone who helped my before, during and after my wedding.


My henna drawn by my beloved bestfriend, Eza, it’s a wedding present from her. Thank you! (Photo credit to @picbyejulena)


My make up done by @makeupbycym_ loveyou, Hasyimah and thank you for making me beautiful on my Solemnization day and Wedding Reception. You guys (especially Kuching people) go visit her instagram account, trust me she has a magical touch to make you beautiful on your day. (Photo credit to @picbyejulena)


Look at that beautiful off white wedding dais theme! It’s beyond my expectation, all I want was a simple dais but they made a beautiful one. You guys (also especially for Kuching people) can just search their facebook account named Songket Emas Bridal, they will listen to your wedding dream and make it happen just like mine. Our attire also rented from them. One word: Beautiful! My wedding reception was located at Dewan Hikmah, Kuching, Sarawak. (Photo credit to @aenfasola)


Hello, my beautiful bridesmaid! Who has been with me this whole time except for Jannah who agreed to replace Pina last minute cancelled being my bridesmaid due to some problem. She has no problem with me and she even came to my wedding reception. Haha! Lucky that Jannah has similar height with Pina and fit her cloth. Thank you, Jannah! Also, thank you to Amir (who obviously isn’t in the picture) for being with my bestfriend from beginning until the end. You’re the best cousin! Haha! (Photo credit to @picbyejulena)

Last but not least, beautiful pictures of my henna night, solemnization day, outdoor and wedding reception was taken by @picbyejulena shoot for and another member of their team @aenfasola. Remember my post before this regarding the photographer, I chose the right one for my wedding. Surprisingly, @picbyejulena are husband and wife kind of photographer, it was amazing and fun! Kuching people who about to get married please please and please visit their instagram account, book them and get ready to be photographed by them.

All the hardwork from people who participated to make your wedding day a moment to be remembered, what you can do in return is thank them also give them credit they deserved. I’m so thankful and bless because I met a wonderful people who managed to make my wedding the best of my 2017. Maybe your wedding is better than me but mine is the best for myself. No need to compete, I was just lucky it went smoothly even beyond my expectation. Not to forget, my family (especially my parents) who work so hard to make a beautiful wedding for me. I love you guys so much! Ughh.. I cried the moment I hugged both of my aunts on my Solemnization Day. I love them so much because I had no older sister so they are my sisters. Also, to my family in law whom giving us permission to get married and take me to be part of your family. Love you guys! I will remember your words and hope I can be a good wife.

It’s true “If you’re thankful, I will give you more.” Thank you, Allah. I can only planned but You’re the one who decided how my life goes. I’m so bless to have a beautiful wedding and I will not forget how hard I had gone through. It’s our 8 years of relationship and finally we got married.


Whoever came to my wedding reception that night, thank you for coming and for the presents. That’s my instagram inbox I opened once my wedding reception done. Haha wedding these days.

The end of my wedding, no more sleepless night stress over it and let’s move on to my new chapter of life.

Hello, Husband! Iloveyou!


h&m beauty

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I just woke up as I heard a lady spoke so loud in front of me. Duhh.. The reason you shouldn’t sleep at the airport because of the noise surround you.

As I woke up and need to stay awake for a while (will get back to sleep after this), I remember foundation I bought at H&M yesterday. I called my soon to be make up artist for my wedding, my old friend, Cym, asked her how to buy the correct foundation before I decided what shade I need to buy. Do I have to choose fairer than my skin or darker? Ok, fairer than my skin. Settle! I chose porcelain all day liquid foundation costs Rm49. Haven’t try it on my face since I’m still at the airport right now.


Can’t wait to try it once I touch down at Kuching. Hehehe

In case some of you don’t know H&M beauty already launched last September and their products seriously affordable and urghhh I love their highlighter palette but I want to try their foundation first.

Ok, got to sleep back now! Night, Kuala Lumpur.

sweet scent

Who else loves ‘Buy 1, free 1 or buy 2, free 2’ kind of promotion? I love it the most! You buy 2 items with one price and of course they will charge the higher price. This week I was supposed to find something for our office exchange gift but end up I found a promotion at Bath & body works, Suria Klcc. Urghhh.. buy 2, free 2 for their holiday collections.

2017 has been a whole year I bought body mist from Bath & body works. Their products mostly sweet scented and also fruity scented. Ahhh… I really love something sweet for my scent.

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I planned to buy all of the body mist but I just like these two, cancel my original plan and share with my colleague. So technically it’s buy 1, free1 for both of us. Yup, nice plan right? Haha

Dear Bath & body works, thank you for every sale you have done and I love you because of that. Haha also because of your products lah for sure. To more sale and buy more body mist!

lovely december


I just called my Emak and asked her about my upcoming wedding preparation. Fuhh.. few weeks left! I was like “Is it for real that I’m about to marry with my fiancé?” Whoaaa.. so, today my body temperature isn’t normal as usual that’s mean I’m having a fever. Hmm.. the reason why I called my Emak is just to have her attention. I’m sick Emak and I need you! She asked me to drink plenty of water. Yupp! She’s a doctor in our family, no certificate needed! I used to weep when I had a fever since I was a kid in front of my Emak and now I have no one to weep. My fiancé is working plus we aren’t living together.

I miss my Emak! Slowly hate to live far away from my home. You can do this, Zizi! Guess what? My sister sent a picture of spagetti bolognese to me, urghhh! I planned to cook spagetti tomyam today but I just cooked fried spagetti. Someone please feed me! Duhh.. I’ll stay lay in my bed and google about wedding. Haha

It’s 80% left and I hope everything will run smoothly. Amin! Hello, December my favourite month of this year and incoming years! Sayang, are you ready to tie the knot with me? You better say yes! Hope tomorrow my fever will be gone so that I can cook spagetti tom yam. Hmm.. hormone!


It’s 4:21 am and I’m wide awake! Hmm.. this is what happen if you sleep early last night. I can’t brain this! Haha

This week has been such a clumsy week for me and I even forgot my engagement ring twice! Duhh! If my fiancé know about this, he will be mad and non stop nagging at me. That moment when I saw my ring finger empty, only Allah know how shocked I was. Since the day is just around the corner and I’m being so old-fashion thought it’s a hint.

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*touch wood*

It’s nice when no one asks about wedding to me lately. People around me being so nice by not reminding me how stressful to handle a wedding. Thank you! This is a part of support I need the most right now. Road to 30 days! Getting closer day by day, I thought it’s just a dream. Am I getting married soon? I miss my family and asked my sil to propose to my brother a short getaway for us before I tie the knot. Fyi, my parent will go to Indonesia a few days before my wedding day without their childrens! Yes my sibling, we need our getaway too but in Sarawak only we don’t even have passport. Haha

Ok, it’s 4:43 am now! I need to get back to sleep because tomorrow is Saturday. I mean today is Saturday. No alarm clock day! Morning, people! Bye

kyochon with can

“My usb cable damaged! Ishh.. accompany me to Ustaz shop today.” He whatsapp me on Saturday afternoon. “What time?” “Maybe after I finish my work.” “Ok, Sayang.” I was about to stay at home this weekend since my left knee still swelling and I’m so lazy to dress up. I’ve waited until evening for him to whatsapp me and he cancelled it. Duhhh.. lucky that I still didn’t do my make up yet.

*call him*

“Sayang, I’ve been waiting for you now you cancelled it. I want to cry.” I really wanted to cry and blame him for cancelled it last minutes. Duhh.. it’s 5pm and I already listed places to go after we buy his usb cable. Hmm.. where to go? I’m craving lot of foods! “You go out by yourself lah.” I should asked him some money the moment he tried to persuade me yesterday. Hahaha just kidding!


I stay at home and massage my knee hoping that it will get better soonest. Waiting for the next day as promised by my fiancé, he will go out with me just to buy his usb cable. Haha! At night, we went to Kyochon 1991 at Pavilion for dinner and surprisingly this restaurant serves good food! I mean the chicken tastes better than Pizza hut chicken if you guys ever tried it. Hmm.. why do I never knew this place is existed even Kak Atika already mentioned this place before. Ahhh.. will dine in here again soon! Hehehe


25 years old and got a knee sprained problem. Hmmm


This red pepper wingette and drummette is life!

road to 50

Hello, November! Wow wow wowww! I’m so busy (not that busy) juggling between works and personal life. Fuhhh.. december is on its way that’s mean my wedding is just around the corner. Hmm.. I am so nervous! Last entry about my wedding preparation. I listed my friends’ name and wonder do I ever had one? I lost contact with my friends the moment I deactivated my social networks years ago. No facebook, no twitter, no wechat, just Instagram and whatsapp.

Then I realized that I didn’t saved some of my friends’ number and activated my facebook back is my only choice. Just for a while! Fuhh.. now I know the importance of facebook. Nopeeee. Will not trying to maintain my facebook account. Updating guest list isn’t easy as I thought, I can choose my friends but not all of them can attend to my wedding. Since it’s during school’s holiday and flight ticket is quite expensive. So I need more back up! Haha

Just hope everything is going to be alright and I can meet my lost friends. Hmm.. Ok next! Last weekend was the last time I flew to Kuching before I got married, I met my bridal for fittings and photoshoot for my prewedding. Oh my! How time flies! My fiancé soon to be my husband. Like for real? Husband? Wowww! Is this just a dream? But I don’t want to wake up and let me just finish my dream. Hehe


Bridesmaids’ outfit done! But not the groomsman, he didn’t decide yet who is going to be his man on our day. Let him settle it by himself. Ahhh.. almost 50 days to our day, as if it’s only yesterday he proposed me to be his girlfriend. Hmm.. after 8 years! Can’t wait to be his wife and of course travel all over the world. Hehe


Road to 50, 40, 30, 20, 10….and our day!