dw takes penang

2 months late & I really need to blog about penang trip with my bestfriend before 2018 ends. It’s our first trip as a complete 6, before this we had our Sabah trip but incomplete. Hard to gather the 6 of us, after 10 years of friendship we made it.

I was the only person who flew to Penang from Kuala Lumpur, they flew from Kuching and we met at the Penang Airport on 14.07.2018. As usual, I’ll slept at the KLIA if I booked the first flight and I had a bad dream. Ohh.. it’s not a dream, it’s the reality! Our reservation has been cancelled on the day our check in date! Urghhh!


I just woke up and need to spread this bad news to my friend whom I don’t know whether they’re still asleep or wide awake. Eee… lucky that they stay calm and we discussed it face to face at the Penang Airport the moment they arrived.

Finally, we found a cheap hotel at Georgetown that provided us a room that can fit the 6 of us. Our trip started with late lunch at Deen Maju but only after I took my bath. Sorry to whoever sat next to me in the plane, if you smell someone didn’t bathe, that’s me! Hehehe!

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Ahhh.. to lazy to write down the details of our trip itinerary. We went to all famous places such as Deen Maju, Avatar Penang, Uptown at Batu Ferringhi, Design Village, Gurney Drive Open Air, Penang Hills, and many more. 4 days in Penang full of laughter, tummy is happy but my trip ended with sad moment. Malaysia Airlines did email and called me on Sunday regarding my flight was cancelled and they asked me to change flight time. So, I change it to afternoon but unfortunately flight was fully booked. Then I change it to second flight and the moment I was at the airport  ready to check in, the staff informed me all flight was fully book for that day. Fully book! Not available until the next day. I called my husband asked him to book me a new flight under Airasia which their flight still available and end up with my husband nagged at me. I informed him about this trip just a few days before I flew, he gave me a green light but I didn’t knew that he was actually mad at me. I cried at the airport and I felt so guilty that I was so happy with my friends, I forgot about him for 4 days and I called him when I was in trouble. Hmmm.. what kind of a wife I am? I didn’t informed him about this trip early because it’s a week after his birthday and I already planned with his family to surprise for his birthday. I don’t want to make him sad by planning nothing for his birthday and busy planning a trip with my bestfriend. I didn’t told my bestfriend about this sad ending of my trip. It’s just I had so much fun and I don’t want make any scene. If you guys ever read this post, yes, my flight was cancelled and bought a new flight ticket to Kuala Lumpur on that day. Lucky that the ticket price was only Rm130 or else I will cry out loud at the airport.


Thank you to my husband who was mad but still bought a new flight ticket for me. Hmm.. I love you, sorry again. If you ever read this Sayang, please take note, maybe next week or whenever I’m free, I’ll post about your birthday surprise. Hehehehe.. too busy to blog!

Anyway, hope that the 6 of us can have our second trip soonest! Ohh, we had our first ‘secret santa’ at Penang and we need this to be our annual tradition.



I just finished shower and continue scrolling instagram feed. Suddenly…..


Oh my God! Is this for real? After all beautiful pictures of duckscarf I’ve posted on my instagram, they finally repost my picture. Wootttt! I smile and I can’t dance or jump like a crazy person because my sil is around so I just dance on my mind. Ok, need to stop my duck rehab end of this month. I just hope Geometric duckscarf still available, I need one of those collection. Need ok? Not part of my wants. Wink!

I told my husband that his name is on @theduckgroup instagram now. He’s so mad by the time fake telekung went viral and my explanation wasn’t accepted by him. I’m not defending Vivy with her statement but people who twisted her words is sick. Nahh..

Finally I’m a part of duckies! Hahahaha as if there is a club and I just got an official badge of duckies. Hehe


You know you’re getting old when you feel happy buying new dishwashing liquid. I’m not sure if it’s new or not but I just love the smell! Can I use this as my body shower?


I can’t find this one in Avenue K and I need to restock it. Hmm.. where can I find it? Last time I bought it at Sogo Kuala Lumpur and when can I go there? Last weekend I stayed at Jalan Tar with my husband’s family but I forgot to buy it. Duhh.. I still can search it at Klcc tomorrow, goodluck to me! It’s my current favourite and I hope Joy will produce more scent for dishwashing liquid. Haha! You’re such a weirdo, Zizi!


My first boyfriend when I was in high school got married this week & I almost forgot that I have a boyfriend for 2 years in high school even though we’re only texting kind of relationship. Can’t believe he did my history assignment for my PMR back then. Thank you! Haha

I never miss him because we’re too young to have a real love. It’s just my first relationship, thanks to him I have learnt to be patient (not that patient, I even miss-called him for maybe around 20 times when he played game or basketball) but  we’re not meant to be. Too young to understand the meaning of soulmate. We played chess on our date surrounded by his his neighbourhood friends. Nahhh.. that’s how a 14 years old be in a relationship. Haha!

Now that I’m a wife and I have found my soulmate who bravely meet my parents asking for approval to put a ring on me. He met my parents with his friends not his parents. Haha! He’s only 21 years old at that time when we’re engaged. Hmm.. May Allah bless our marriage eternally.

Too much post about marriage and I haven’t draft any new post due to my laziness. Also, this is all Netflix’s fault! I have spent lots of time on Netflix! Duhh.. they have many good movies and drama series, how to resist?

in between

“She’s so adorable.”

“He’s so cute!” 

“I want mini me too.”

It’s been 7 months after we got married and still not pregnant. Maybe I’m the one who isn’t ready but my husband really want a baby. Hm… I’m in between ready and not so ready. It’s a big phase for me to enter and once I have a baby everything isn’t the same anymore.

I told my husband that next year I’ll be ready to have one not this year. Still, this is part of Allah’s plan which He know I’m not ready to be a mother. Soon, insyaAllah.

Hopefully I can say “I did this” the moment I read this post again once I have my baby. Yup, I can do this!

eid gift

Next month, we’re going to celebrate Eid Adha (festival of sacrifice) and I haven’t post anything about Eid Mubarak. Hmm.. but no, this isn’t about my first Eid Mubarak as a wife, it’s about how I be a good wife asking for Eid Mubarak gift from my beloved husband.

Basically, the olders will give money as a gift to youngers during Eid Mubarak (in Malaysia, I’m not sure in other country) the same thing like giving ang pow during Chinese New Year celebration. Instead of giving money, every year, I will ask my husband (also back then when he was my boyfriend and also fiancé) to buy Eid Mubarak gift for me. Just a simple one but not this year. Haha! You’re my husband now, I want to demand more!

I told him I want a duckscarf but then I can buy it next time. Not in the mood to buy new duckscarf, I need to stop buying since they didn’t invited me to their Eid open house. I bought your scarves too and I live in Kuala Lumpur, ok? *sigh* nahh.. just forget it. Then, I think handbag would be nice and this time I just need a small crossbody bag. Hehehe and of course it’s from Guess!

Tadaaa! New bag for Eid Mubarak.


Thank you, Sayang. Even though this bag is small but I love it! Wohooo! Added to my Guess collection.


Hmm.. I miss Eid Mubarak, I miss Kuching!

exhausted July

I love to blog and had so much things to blog but being a working wife makes me hard to spend time on blogging. Urghh.. I even don’t draft anything since June! July is a busy month for me and every weekend has been filled up with events. First weekend, I made a birthday surprise for my husband. Second weekend, I went to our first DW’s vacation and this weekend (today) my bestfriend, Eza, tied the knot! Wohooo! We’re wife gang now!

But for the next weekend, I have nothing to do but to sleep whole day long. Ahhh.. I miss wake up late in the morning and have my breakfast during lunch time. August, please be a no flight month to me. I’m so exhauted and really need to stay in Kuala Lumpur for next whole month. Even I don’t want to go back to Kuching for Eid Adha next month, I’m really exhausted to fly.

Will post about my husband birthday surprise, DW’s vacation and Eza’s wedding next week! For now,  I. Need. To. Sleep.

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Last flight for this month, I promise!

10pm sharp

At 10pm sharp, by hook or by crook I’ll try my very best to stay awake and watch my favourite current Tv3 drama Nur starring by Syafiq Kyle and Amira Rosli. This kind of drama that we Malaysian really need in our television. Not that typical love life shown in drama but a beautiful Muslim love life. Hmm… thank you whoever created this drama, please do some more!

Episode 13 was aired tonight and I told my husband “I can’t imagine myself if I were Nur, please don’t do this to me.” He stared at me with what-is-wrong-with-my-wife face “You’re so dramatic!” Hmmm… I just can’t imagine myself chase out of the house and brought my luggage everywhere. Where is my husband? Duhhh! That kind of imagination is soooooo I wish it will not happen to me. Amin!

You guys should watch this drama! It’s really eye-opening and insyaAllah you’ll know Islam is simple but people make it hard.


helping D

I saw girls selfie with a big duckscarf purple paperbag and directly went to the duck shop at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. “You ask their staff about the telekung project.” I said to my sil then she approach the staff andddddd we got two big duckscarf purple paperbag.

“You can keep this telekung and you can give it to people or nearby mosque.” Said the staff who just gave each of us one paperbag.

I have no intention to keep the telekung for myself since I already have two (one given by my Emak and one given by my husband’s aunt) so will give it to the person who need it the most at some random mosque. But first, I have to wash the telekung before I give it away.

This telekung project is such a great idea and well done to the duck group! Glad that I can be part of this project. I hope people will use it wisely and please take a good care of the telekung.


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I’m on duck rehad since my last purchase of lattice duck. Can’t wait for sale! It’s almost Eid and I want to save my money for discounted duckscarf. Haha! Once a skinflint, always a skinflint!

140 days

Today is the 140 days after I officially being a wife and I found something I should post before I got married in my notes.


First month of our marriage, I was so excited to wait him back from work and the moment I hear the sound of key unlocked I’ll be standing in front of the door just like a child who is very happy welcome their father from work. Now, I’ll still wait for him except when I was so asleep.

I still couldn’t believe that we’re officially a husband and wife after years! Hmm.. may Allah bless our marriage and give us beautiful children. I can’t wait to have one! Playing with mini me and my husband, be our bestfriend and beloved one. Dear my future child, our 9th is around the corner, please be good to us. Love, your mommy and daddy!