10pm sharp

At 10pm sharp, by hook or by crook I’ll try my very best to stay awake and watch my favourite current Tv3 drama Nur starring by Syafiq Kyle and Amira Rosli. This kind of drama that we Malaysian really need in our television. Not that typical love life shown in drama but a beautiful Muslim love life. Hmm… thank you whoever created this drama, please do some more!

Episode 13 was aired tonight and I told my husband “I can’t imagine myself if I were Nur, please don’t do this to me.” He stared at me with what-is-wrong-with-my-wife face “You’re so dramatic!” Hmmm… I just can’t imagine myself chase out of the house and brought my luggage everywhere. Where is my husband? Duhhh! That kind of imagination is soooooo I wish it will not happen to me. Amin!

You guys should watch this drama! It’s really eye-opening and insyaAllah you’ll know Islam is simple but people make it hard.



helping D

I saw girls selfie with a big duckscarf purple paperbag and directly went to the duck shop at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. “You ask their staff about the telekung project.” I said to my sil then she approach the staff andddddd we got two big duckscarf purple paperbag.

“You can keep this telekung and you can give it to people or nearby mosque.” Said the staff who just gave each of us one paperbag.

I have no intention to keep the telekung for myself since I already have two (one given by my Emak and one given by my husband’s aunt) so will give it to the person who need it the most at some random mosque. But first, I have to wash the telekung before I give it away.

This telekung project is such a great idea and well done to the duck group! Glad that I can be part of this project. I hope people will use it wisely and please take a good care of the telekung.


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I’m on duck rehad since my last purchase of lattice duck. Can’t wait for sale! It’s almost Eid and I want to save my money for discounted duckscarf. Haha! Once a skinflint, always a skinflint!

140 days

Today is the 140 days after I officially being a wife and I found something I should post before I got married in my notes.


First month of our marriage, I was so excited to wait him back from work and the moment I hear the sound of key unlocked I’ll be standing in front of the door just like a child who is very happy welcome their father from work. Now, I’ll still wait for him except when I was so asleep.

I still couldn’t believe that we’re officially a husband and wife after years! Hmm.. may Allah bless our marriage and give us beautiful children. I can’t wait to have one! Playing with mini me and my husband, be our bestfriend and beloved one. Dear my future child, our 9th is around the corner, please be good to us. Love, your mommy and daddy!


Lot of stories I’ve planned to post but I’m so busy entertain my guest. Hmm.. not sure if entertain is the correct word. Last week Maymon and her family stayed at my house for four days. She’s back in Kuala Lumpur! Hee.. welcome back! This weekend is my family in law turn to stay at my house. The scariest thing in 2018, for the first time my in-laws stay with us after 4 months we got married.

Ok, what a long introduction for this post. Fuhhh.. have you ever wear the same things and forgot to change a new one? I couldn’t believe that I didn’t change my purse since 2015. I bought few bags and purse has never crossed my mind. I didn’t even google about purse.

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This is my one and only purse that I use until the day I decided to change a new one because of discount given by a salesgirl. Haha! Like I said many times before, I only bought discounted goods. It became a habit, I can’t deny it.

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When you can’t afford to buy Gucci, just buy Guess! Why? It’s the G. Gucci gang, guess gang, but it’s not from the same company. Yeay! New purse and hopefully I will use it within 10 years. Hmm… until I really can afford Gucci. One fine day!

If my old purse was a human, hope it can appreciate how loyal I was with it. Ok, I need a new handbag. Just a sling bag from Guess and I hope that my husband will read this post. Sayang, Guess sling bag please? Love you!

got ducked 4

“Is Lattice duckscarf still available?”
“No. Sold out and colours launched will not be reproduce anymore. They already mentioned on the instagram.”
I sigh in my heart and I really want that Mango Lattice. Should have buy on the launching day. Arghhh.. ok, move on!

After a week, @theduckgroup posts new colours for Lattice duckscarf and none is beautiful as Mango. Hmm.. ok just ignore this collection and move on. But! What if they don’t produce it in future and this is the last batch? Ohhh man! Buy or ignore? Need or want? Hmm..

*clicks button add to cart*
*proceed to payment*
*select self pickup as shipping method*


I bought the Marmalade Lattice duckscarf since it’s the last colour available on Fashionvalet website. Before they sold out online and in-store, I better buy this now. I can wear it to my food hunting trip with my husband tomorrow at Penang.

*4:00 pm*

“Hello Fashionvalet, I ordered Lattice duckscarf this morning and can I pick it tonight?”
“You need to wait for a text message before you can pick it in our store. Basically they will text before 6pm.”

Ok, I thought if I chose self pickup method I can pick it anytime I want but nahhh.. have to wait.

*5:30 pm*
“Hello Fashionvalet, I still didn’t received any text yet.”
“If you didn’t received the text before 6pm, then you have to wait until Monday.”
“What is the purpose I chose self pickup if I have to wait until Monday?”

I received a text from Fashionvalet right after I ended the phone. Nahhh.. it’s my first time to choose self pick up then I google about it. Haha!


Whoaaa! My very first time bought duckscarf on it launching day. Afraid it will not be launched anymore. Let’s just grab it and regret later!



My husband didn’t say anything the moment I wear this new duckscarf on our Penang trip. Goodjob, husband!


“You want to give this as present? Want  us to wrap this?” ask the staff at the cashier counter. I have no idea how she knows I bought this for someone. “How much the wrapping costs?” I just want to make sure it’s free of charge before I agree. “It’s free of charge.” “Ok, just wrap it.” “Alright. Your total is Rm83.80.” “Whattttttt?” A sunscreen mist costs Rm83.80? I saw it before at Sephora store Avenue K, it costs only around Rm54. Urghhh.. I took the wrong bottle size! Nevermind, it’s for my husband as his convocation present. It’s cheaper than Reebok classic shoes though.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

I love the packaging, I mean I love the Supergoop! font at the bottle. Anddddddd I forgot to check the review! Urghh.. i bought it just because of the packaging looks nice. What is wrong with you, Zizi? I saw it in someone’s vlog but I can’t remember whom. Aaa.. too confident to let my husband try it. Nevermind, he needs sunscreen in his daily life. You don’t need new shoes, Sayang. Just like I don’t need new duckscarf. Shopping rehab! Haha

Ohh.. it’s antioxidant-Infused sunscreen mist with vitamin C broad spectrum SPF 50 from Supergoop! Will update in the next post about the review. As for now, I want to sleep because tomorrow isn’t Saturday. I have to work. Duhh!


“I’m proud of you”

I said the moment I saw my husband steps into the hall. Hmm.. so I guess this is how everyone feel when they see their family graduate. No matter what course they’re studied, their pointer and graduate on time or not. No one will ever judge  instead they’re proud of you. A 4 flat students can’t have a great job, if you’re a lazy student but have a great job, level of income is not based on your course, and whatever will happen to you in future already written for you.

It’s a part of his dream to graduate and prove to people that he can change. He really did it! Even I don’t say it directly to you but I hope if you read this you must know I’m really proud of you. I still remember how excited you were to further your study 3 years ago and the reason why I chose to work in Kuala Lumpur. I love the way you take the risks to change your life for better future.


That’s my husband! I bought him fresh flowers and he nagged at me because those flower will die. Sigh.. wanted to buy Reebok classic shoes as his graduation present but his size unavailable. Nevermind lah, my money is safe and sound.


People say “What to expect when you’re expecting.” But for some of the newly wed couple, their expection might hurt them just like me.

“I’m period.”
“Period? Hmm..”

One word could break many people’s heart, like maybe if that person isn’t married yet then it would be a great news for them. My period was late and I thought I was pregnant. If only pregnancy can be predicted, how wonderful it would be. I bought three pregnancy test and all of them was negative. Ahh.. thought it was easy to make a baby. I even asked my panel doctor to scan in case there’s a baby in my tummy. Hahaha! I’m 2 months married and it’s still a new thing for me.


That’s what happen when you expect too high, I was hoping for 2 lines but nahhh… maybe it’s not time for us. We can try again, Sayang. I asked my husband “Can we just wait until we’re stable enough to have a baby?” “I want a baby” “You want?” Hmm.. he wants a baby and I want us to enjoy our honeymoon. Nevermind, just go with the flow. Kun fayakūn

The question now is am I ready to be a mother?


I draft a post to confess about my heartache then I try to draft another post to think it in a positive way. Ever heard of toxic people? I google about it every morning to refresh my mind. If you notice why I don’t talk much with someone, they’re the toxic people I try to avoid for my own benefits.

Try google ‘toxic people traits’ and look at yourself if you’re one of them. Fix your behavior, no one can help you except yourself. I’m sick with toxic people, first, they tend to play victim. You’re not a victim, I repeat, you’re not a victim. You just have a weird behavior none of people surround you can’t adapt it. Fix it, like seriously it will help you for a better life. You’re old and why can’t you move on from being a teenager? We’re not a teenager anymore, we’re an adult. Please move on!

This so called toxic people has a great influance to change other people perception to their victims. They won’t tell the truth instead they twisted it. Why? Because they can’t face the reality that they’re the problem. Sometimes, they fake their happiness but for sure it won’t last longer. Why? Because the fake happiness they created is to comfort themselves. Again, they try to hide they’re the problem.

My advise for you toxic people out there, you have to face the reality. By fixing your weird behavior, you can change your life. Also, people surround you will be happy for you. Throw away the feeling of people are just envy with you. No! They’re not! Why would they envy with people who has a weird behavior. Haha! You’re weird and annoying. Really. Fix it! Oh my, I just want to laugh out loud with this toxic people. Don’t forget to change your perception too. No shortcut in life, if you think it’s easy, think again just like Mathematics.


Yesterday, I uninstalled Instagram and my life is getting better. The less you know, the better. Fuhhh.. so many toxic people, so many drama. Oh.. I just uninstall not deactivate it.

daily routine

My husband is asleep and I’m thinking to post my daily skincare and make up routine. Grab dslr, my things and ready to flatlay! Ahh.. I love make up but I don’t know how to do it perfectly. Just a simple look for daily working day and date with my husband (if I’m in the mood).

Basically before I started working life, I just simply apply daily cream and baby powder. But now once I started to earn money, I had a monthly self-reward and buy a new high end products. Sephora store is just 3 minutes from my office, so it’s my favourite window shopping stop. Like I know which eyeshadow or lipstick is the best since I’ve been swatching all the products from 2016. Haha

Ok, here is the only two skincare products I just started to use recently, it’s Caudalie Grape Water and Tarte Maracuja Oil. So far, they’re both work nicely to me and recommended to continue using them. Decided to buy Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Setting Spray until I saw Elfira Loy promoted the Caudalie Grape Water. If Elfira Loy used it for sure we can try too. Haha she has a flawless skin!


Urghhh… I don’t understand the language, I just know it’s free from paraben. Haha

Tadaaa! My combination of daily skincare and make up.


First, I apply Caudalie Grape Water.


Second, I apply Tarte Maracuja Oil.


Next, my make up!


Only take around 5-10 minutes to do my daily make up. Just a simple one. I used both high end and drugstore products, slowly collecting all the best recommended products and my mission is to have a good skin not just a good make up look. Who needs a great make up look when your skin is in a bad condition.

** p/s: It doesn’t matter if you’re using high end or drugstore products, it doesn’t define your level of wealth. It’s about self satisfaction either you want it or not. If you’re broke but you’re willing to buy high end products for your own satisfaction or you’re rich but you buy drugstore products, no one will ever care.