sweet scent

Who else loves ‘Buy 1, free 1 or buy 2, free 2’ kind of promotion? I love it the most! You buy 2 items with one price and of course they will charge the higher price. This week I was supposed to find something for our office exchange gift but end up I found a promotion at Bath & body works, Suria Klcc. Urghhh.. buy 2, free 2 for their holiday collections.

2017 has been a whole year I bought body mist from Bath & body works. Their products mostly sweet scented and also fruity scented. Ahhh… I really love something sweet for my scent.

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I planned to buy all of the body mist but I just like these two, cancel my original plan and share with my colleague. So technically it’s buy 1, free1 for both of us. Yup, nice plan right? Haha

Dear Bath & body works, thank you for every sale you have done and I love you because of that. Haha also because of your products lah for sure. To more sale and buy more body mist!


lovely december


I just called my Emak and asked her about my upcoming wedding preparation. Fuhh.. few weeks left! I was like “Is it for real that I’m about to marry with my fiancé?” Whoaaa.. so, today my body temperature isn’t normal as usual that’s mean I’m having a fever. Hmm.. the reason why I called my Emak is just to have her attention. I’m sick Emak and I need you! She asked me to drink plenty of water. Yupp! She’s a doctor in our family, no certificate needed! I used to weep when I had a fever since I was a kid in front of my Emak and now I have no one to weep. My fiancé is working plus we aren’t living together.

I miss my Emak! Slowly hate to live far away from my home. You can do this, Zizi! Guess what? My sister sent a picture of spagetti bolognese to me, urghhh! I planned to cook spagetti tomyam today but I just cooked fried spagetti. Someone please feed me! Duhh.. I’ll stay lay in my bed and google about wedding. Haha

It’s 80% left and I hope everything will run smoothly. Amin! Hello, December my favourite month of this year and incoming years! Sayang, are you ready to tie the knot with me? You better say yes! Hope tomorrow my fever will be gone so that I can cook spagetti tom yam. Hmm.. hormone!


It’s 4:21 am and I’m wide awake! Hmm.. this is what happen if you sleep early last night. I can’t brain this! Haha

This week has been such a clumsy week for me and I even forgot my engagement ring twice! Duhh! If my fiancé know about this, he will be mad and non stop nagging at me. That moment when I saw my ring finger empty, only Allah know how shocked I was. Since the day is just around the corner and I’m being so old-fashion thought it’s a hint.

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*touch wood*

It’s nice when no one asks about wedding to me lately. People around me being so nice by not reminding me how stressful to handle a wedding. Thank you! This is a part of support I need the most right now. Road to 30 days! Getting closer day by day, I thought it’s just a dream. Am I getting married soon? I miss my family and asked my sil to propose to my brother a short getaway for us before I tie the knot. Fyi, my parent will go to Indonesia a few days before my wedding day without their childrens! Yes my sibling, we need our getaway too but in Sarawak only we don’t even have passport. Haha

Ok, it’s 4:43 am now! I need to get back to sleep because tomorrow is Saturday. I mean today is Saturday. No alarm clock day! Morning, people! Bye

kyochon with can

“My usb cable damaged! Ishh.. accompany me to Ustaz shop today.” He whatsapp me on Saturday afternoon. “What time?” “Maybe after I finish my work.” “Ok, Sayang.” I was about to stay at home this weekend since my left knee still swelling and I’m so lazy to dress up. I’ve waited until evening for him to whatsapp me and he cancelled it. Duhhh.. lucky that I still didn’t do my make up yet.

*call him*

“Sayang, I’ve been waiting for you now you cancelled it. I want to cry.” I really wanted to cry and blame him for cancelled it last minutes. Duhh.. it’s 5pm and I already listed places to go after we buy his usb cable. Hmm.. where to go? I’m craving lot of foods! “You go out by yourself lah.” I should asked him some money the moment he tried to persuade me yesterday. Hahaha just kidding!


I stay at home and massage my knee hoping that it will get better soonest. Waiting for the next day as promised by my fiancé, he will go out with me just to buy his usb cable. Haha! At night, we went to Kyochon 1991 at Pavilion for dinner and surprisingly this restaurant serves good food! I mean the chicken tastes better than Pizza hut chicken if you guys ever tried it. Hmm.. why do I never knew this place is existed even Kak Atika already mentioned this place before. Ahhh.. will dine in here again soon! Hehehe


25 years old and got a knee sprained problem. Hmmm


This red pepper wingette and drummette is life!

road to 50

Hello, November! Wow wow wowww! I’m so busy (not that busy) juggling between works and personal life. Fuhhh.. december is on its way that’s mean my wedding is just around the corner. Hmm.. I am so nervous! Last entry about my wedding preparation. I listed my friends’ name and wonder do I ever had one? I lost contact with my friends the moment I deactivated my social networks years ago. No facebook, no twitter, no wechat, just Instagram and whatsapp.

Then I realized that I didn’t saved some of my friends’ number and activated my facebook back is my only choice. Just for a while! Fuhh.. now I know the importance of facebook. Nopeeee. Will not trying to maintain my facebook account. Updating guest list isn’t easy as I thought, I can choose my friends but not all of them can attend to my wedding. Since it’s during school’s holiday and flight ticket is quite expensive. So I need more back up! Haha

Just hope everything is going to be alright and I can meet my lost friends. Hmm.. Ok next! Last weekend was the last time I flew to Kuching before I got married, I met my bridal for fittings and photoshoot for my prewedding. Oh my! How time flies! My fiancé soon to be my husband. Like for real? Husband? Wowww! Is this just a dream? But I don’t want to wake up and let me just finish my dream. Hehe


Bridesmaids’ outfit done! But not the groomsman, he didn’t decide yet who is going to be his man on our day. Let him settle it by himself. Ahhh.. almost 50 days to our day, as if it’s only yesterday he proposed me to be his girlfriend. Hmm.. after 8 years! Can’t wait to be his wife and of course travel all over the world. Hehe


Road to 50, 40, 30, 20, 10….and our day!



I was supposed to post this story on last weekend but I’m too lazy to draft anything even though I already edited pictures for this post. Before October is about to end which is just few more days. Hmm.. road to 50 days!

Last week was my 25th birthday and typically there will be no cake no present yet I still got wishes and good prayers from my beloved family and friends. That’s the most beautiful things in my life, good prayers from my loved one. Thank you for the wishes and prayers! Love you guys much!

I miss it the most on my 23rd birthday, my fiancé gave me a surprise when he was supposed to be at Shah Alam but he flew to Kuching for my birthday. Hmm.. so sweet of you, Sayang! I miss that moment but nowwwww hahahaha still sweet but not much. Anyway, I love you and I do know you love me too. Didn’t want anything for my birthday because I’ll get my present end of this year. Hehehehe the best present in my whole life! Woot wooott!

Nahhh.. I need duckscarf not carbonara from the little fat duck!

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When your fiancée wants to play swing and you need to stay cool…


…ice cream for your fiancée’s birthday not cake?

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Whoever invented the idea of birthday cake, I don’t need one because I only need it when I’m craving. When I’m craving means I’m sad. Why should I be sad on my birthday? Haha

25th birthday dinner with my loved one at my not-so-favourite place but of course my favourite foods.

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easy peasy

Decided to buy something to cook for dinner at Village Grocer right after I finished my work then I saw a snail or the scientific name is Cerithidea obtusa. Hmm.. been eating chicken, fish and meat this whole times lets try something else. Ahhhh.. easy peasy while I look at it and put it on the basket.

As soon as I got home I cooked my dinner and before I started to eat, I wash the snails and let them soak in a container. Then, by the time I want to add on some more foods I saw at the sink the snails looking at me. What else I can react than screaming? Whattttt? It still alive?! I thought they’re all dead! That’s why I am so confident to cook it. Oh whattt? My God, they’re all moving in the container. Arghhh! I texted my family and asked how to make the snails dead. Urghhh.. they’re laughing at me then my Emak calls me. “Aaa.. just touch them, they’ll afraid with you and hide in their shell. I cut their shells then you boil them. Easy! How to marry if you can’t cook this?” “Urghhh.. I never thought it could be hard.” Luckily my brain still working and suggest I should pour them with boiled water. Aaaa… I asked my housemate to check whether the snails is still alive or already dead. Luckily they’re dead and I boiled them again for 20 minutes just to make sure not a single snail is alive.

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Hmm.. I told my fiancé and warned him not to request me to cook snails in future. “I don’t eat snails.” he replied me. Fuhhh! Good one, Sayang.

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Tadaaa! Snails for lunch! Only manage to cook this after 2 days, let them out from my memory then can eat them. Hohoho! Do you guys eat snails? It’s so yummy if you didn’t see them alive. Trust me! Hahaha

black card

*scroll instagram feeds*


As soon as I saw this post, I texted Yana (my fiancé’s sister) about this and asked what card she has. Yeay! Luckily, hers was black! Then, I told my colleague about this sale and she also has a Sephora black card. It’s black so I considered it as black member and I cancelled my plan to borrow Yana’s card. I’m still white haven’t buy anything since last year from Sephora. Duhh.. I can afford to buy the discount price only instead original price.

I told my fiancé about this and he said “buy lah”, oh my is this for real? So excited! He always asked me when will I buy my make up, I answered “I’m waiting for Sephora sale.” Hahaha now it’s time, let’s go make up hunting!

Today is the day, my target is to buy eyes shadow palette and lipsticks. But, need to calculate back my money before I am mad enough to spend all of it. I went to Sephora store at Avenue K, but what I want is sold out! As if I will know there will be out of stock during this sale. Nahhh.. no worry still got another nearby Sephora store at Suria Klcc. Tadaaa! Stock is available and the only thing I need to worry right now is a long queue in front of cashiers. Just wait lah, Zizi.

Upon counter the salesgirl said “This sale is only for Black member but yours is White.” Oh my god! The card itself is physically black but it’s not. Duhhh.. grab my phone and try to reach Yana asking her member card. But before that we asked girl at the other counter to give her member id. Hmm.. what a day! Waiting for a long queue, end up with a wrong member card. Hahaha! Nevermind, got my new eyes shadow palette and still need to figure out the need of Tarte lip paint.

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Sayang, I already bought the make up you frequently asked before. Wohoo!

soon, very soon

“I just need to separate RmX,xxx.xx for monthly expenses once we got married.” my fiancé explained to me while I finishing my Gcb burger. “How much you’ll give me later? Whoaa! You give me some extra money and I have my own salary” I just want to tease him “Rm100.00 monthly for you.” “Not enough!” “Ehh.. you’re not the one who will decide.” “Rm100.00 then you do your own laundry.” “Alright, then you still need to cook for me.” “No, Rm100.00 only right? You cook for yourself and do everything on your own.” “Ok, my salary is all yours.” Hahaha! I swear it’s only a stupid conversation between both of us, not even a serious conversation. Well, who am I want to decide how much he needs to give me money in future. I just hope he can be the best husband in which he will be fully responsible to me, his family and our future childrens.

Most from the wedding list already been ticked and what left are our registration wedding form, decoration for wedding gift exchange, wedding card, fitting and urghhhh still got things to be done. Duhhh.. but everything is in order and I wish no problem will arise during my wedding. Amin! I hope so. Hmm.. I texted my Emak about my gamophobia and she told me “Marriage is the same with dating but with rules and regulation. Don’t fight in front of others, try to compromise and don’t let everyone knows about your problems.”

Hmm.. everything will be just fine, Zizi. Don’t let pre-marital syndrome kills your excitement. Keep calm and be the happiest bride soon! Hee.. Sayang, three months left! Are you ready?

first date

I still remember our first date on 2009, we went to watch Transformers: Revenge of the fallen and to be honest I still don’t get it. I just watched and nagged on what it’s all about. Duhhh.. worst movie I’ve ever seen but I love Transformers: Age of Extinction. The best!

People says “The longer the relationship, the bored you guys will be.” Nahhh.. not that bored it’s just sometimes we don’t know where to go or what to do. The idea for a great date is rarely pop up in our mind, unplanned is usually the best. This year is our first year not to have a typical date like every year before. Watch movie, eat and stare at each other. Hmm.. not anymore! I skip to watch Kingsman 2 and decided to play bowling with my fiancé. I miss bowling and last time I played bowling with my sisters I couldn’t remember when was it. 2013? Hmm.. Luckily, he was agreed or else we were going to have our typical movie date. Boreddd.. *yawn* ready to strike, Zizi? Hehe

I just got one strike meanwhile he got 2 strikes. I was looking for a yellow ball like I used in Kuching before but I can’t found it here. Nevermind just take any ball and let’s bowl! Woot woottt! Should have played 2 games but we already spent money at Dip n Dip before the game. Hmm.. a chocolate crepe costs Rm24? Wowww! But worth it and taste so yummy and he nagged “Better eat at Mc Donalds.” Sayang, once in a blue moon ok?

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First bowling date with Mizan, checked!