ugly truth

Yesterday, I accompanied my husband searching for a new game for his PS4. Yessss, he got it last month and now it’s his new wife. Then, I saw a delivery pizza boy with a big smile on his face at the game shop. It hurts me so much, I started to think about my siblings. My father told me that my brother who just finised his SPM wanted to work part-time. I never saw him do a part-time job and I felt sad even though it’s normal but I just couldn’t let him go through the sick reality life. Ya Allah, please protect my family in what ever they’re doing.

I kept on praying in my heart for that delivery pizza boy. “Oh Allah, please ease his work and bless him eternally.” Sometimes, I’m sick with this reality world. The one who works a little earns high salary, just because they have the thoughts. Everythings happen for a reason and if only the rich person continue to lie and being unfair with the poor who works 24/7 for them, I just hope one day Allah will punish them.

I’m being so emotional. Let me just once write about this and let go off my feeling.

If you ever have reach the phase of your life where someone who has a high position doing nothing but earn way too much than you just pray to Allah and let Him do His work. This ugly truth is somehow a part of His plan and it’s also to  give you a life experience being a better you.

Dear Zizi, one fine day if you’ve got the chance to be a superior please do not just do nothing, do not give all your works to your subordinates and do not playing with your handphone during office hours. Be a good superior not a bad one. Make your works worth your salary. As the malay said “Berkat.”



I bought lipstick for only Rm5.00! Yes, during 11.11 sale, my sil has informed me that Nita cosmetics has a great deal. Lipstick for only Rm5.00 and eyeshadow palette for only Rm10.00. It’s such a steal right? Of course I said yes to the deal but I only bought one shade. It’s fuchsia my favourite color of lipstick ever!

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One lipstick for me and another two for my sil. She wanted to use one of it for her convocation but the parcel arrived on the day she already flew to Kuching so nothing we can do about it. Can’t yell to the courier service provider, it’s a big sale and not only Nita was having a sale on that day. Patience is crucial in online shopping.

Dear Nita Cosmetics, I’ve tried your Saree Matte Liquid Lipstick and I love how it didn’t dry up the lips and easily remove. I need this kind of matte liquid lipstick. My lips doesn’t feel tight while using it, it feels so light. Really recommended! By the way, you can buy it directly to their website or visit

They should have let me do the review. Hey guys, please notice me! Hahaha

final got ducked

Last month, I unfollowed @theduckgroup because of their new product launced daily and it’s annoyed my bank account. I need to get out from the duck-addictive and be a normal me before my first duckscarf purchase.

Few days after it, my beloved bestfriend, Pqah, being a nice person in this world sent me a message on instagram. It’s a new post from @theduckgroup , a shopping bag collaboration with one of supermarket in Malaysia. If she didn’t sent that post I wouldn’t knew about it. Like I had never knew @theduckgroup was existed.

And so the next day, I’m being an old me, the one who would stay up just to buy new launched product from @theduckgroup before it’s sold out. Duhh.. managed to buy one shopping bag for myself after a freaking long 15 minutes as the website got a problem due to high traffic. Nahh.. ok, let me repeat, in case you guys missed it. I managed to buy one shopping bag for myself. I didn’t even think to take this opportunity, bought ten and sell it back with a high markup price. Am I the only one who wouldn’t bother to burden other people who really wants to buy it? Like, what’s the purpose of online shopping? To ease the process of shopping for the customer anywhere and anytime. But, I just don’t get it with everyone who takes this as an opportunity for them to earn side income. Yeahh, it’s a good idea but that website isn’t made only for you oh dear personal shopper! It’s open to public, please be a dear and let everyone shop on their own! Don’t be such a nuisance. Ok, I’m done and that’s my last purchase from @theduckgroup. It’s a nice bag and please produce some more affordable and useful products.


Final got duck-ed! I’m out from duckies, yet still wear my duckscarves. Hehehe

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have a seat

The most important of the DON’T rule in flight is taking people’s seat. Don’t take people’s seat! I repeat, don’t you ever dare to take people’s seat! Why? Because people paid for it, if you want to sit next to the window please purchase it.

Some people aren’t willing to pay their seats and choose to have random seats. If you’re that kind of a person who choose to have a random seat, please don’t be such a jerk by sitting on other person’s seat. If you think it’s just a seat and it’s just a small issue, think again, different seats cost different prices.

There’s one man who decided to sit on my seat (it’s a window seat) and I saw a little girl with him, so I just gave up with that seat and let them be. But, all I saw was that man happily enjoying the scenery along the flight ALONE. Ohh mannn, I thought you’re going to show the scenery to that girl, all you did was taking a picture! Like, why you didn’t just buy the seat on the first place? So disrepectful because he didn’t even asked my permission before he sat on my seat. Urghhh.. let him be, maybe it’s his first flight. Ok..

And last week my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching, I totally look like a fool when I asked a man if he wanted to change seat with me. He was talking to another man who sat next to me, I was in between of them. I never asked people to change their seat with me but on that was the most awkward moment on my life. “Umm.. no, I prefer to sit here. It’s easy for me to go to the toilet” Then he started to sleep and I continued to sit comfortably.

Please remember, you may exchange to sit on an empty seats but you may not sit on people’s seats unless you ask permission. It’s not appropriate and hellooooo go buy your own seat if you want. It’s cheap by the way, just add on few bucks.

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I was supposed to be at the airport right now with my husband because we booked the first flight to Kuching this morning. Our plan cancelled last minutes. Yesterday was the day my husband received an email from his management stated that on 19th he has an interview. It’s a good news like, maybe it’s an appraisal or something I wasn’t sure about so we change our flight date to Friday. No, I was supposed to fly earlier than him but since our flight was booked together then I need to fly on the same date with him. Hmm… nevermind, there will always be blessing in disguise.

It’s not only about the flight, I’ve booked a 1 night stay at one of the hotel in Kuching city center on 18th October 2018, today,  clearly need to cancel too. Our plan (or mine) was to check in on 18th, stay at my parent’s house on 19th, stay at his nenek’s house on 20th and flying back to Kuala Lumpur on 21st. As simple as that and Allah has a better plan for us. I pray to Him everyday that I hope my husband will receive a good news. Hopefully he will get it on this Friday. Amin.

Alhamdulillah, my original plan was either to fly to Sabah or Terengganu. I need beach but it’s already 3 months I haven’t go back to Kuching. Why not holiday in my own hometown? I miss it the most to date with my husband and wander around Kuching. I really need this. I miss bing! I miss Sharing, I miss Kuching’s food! See you soon, Kuching!

Happy 26th birthday, Zizi.

My husband just come into our room and sing ‘happy birthday’ song. Haha!

got ducked 5

If this launch on Friday, I’ll run to Klcc and buy this.” I mentioned my friend on theduckgroup new posts. They launched a new scarf from printed range and I really need to fight with all the personal shopper this time before it’s out of stock. Huhhh.. I can buy it by myself online, why do I need personal shopper? Plus, the duck store is just few minutes from my office.

First batch for Oriental scarf, I lost it because Salmon Roll was sold out. Frustrated! Just like how I love Geometric duckscarf in Saharan so much. Failed to buy those Geometric scarf but who cares? Haha!

After that, theduckgroup instagram posted a new colour for Oriental scarf second batch and I was in dilemma whether I need or want it. Thanks to Yana because she insisted me to buy and convinced me that she will buy it too.

At 12am, I started to search ‘Oriental’ on fashionvalet website and guess what? It turned out that the scarves are now available online! Ohmy, where are you guys now my dear personal shopper? Hahahaha! But the traffic was high and I tried to surf the website on incognito tab. Succesful! Fuhhh! I was praying that those transaction will be failed and it went through smoothly. Hahaha I still love my money though and I can save it to buy Adidas Falcon. This is what happen when you buy first and think later. I chose Oriental duckscarf in Fortune Cookies and now I don’t know how to match it with my outfit. Hmmm.. will figure it out later.

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Woot woottt! I’ll fly to Kuching this coming Thursday and I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday in my beloved city with my beloved husband. Oh, hey theduckgroup, I think it’s time to unfollow you. Maybe? Obviously, I’m not your target market. Hahahaha

skinflint 4

I love it when this kind of email appeared on my inbox and I refresh my inbox everyday waiting for it.


Last April I bought the body mist for only Rm29.00 per bottle and seriously this price is such a steal. I can save Rm50.00 since the original price is Rm79.00.

Yesterday, I went to NU Sentral to join this madness sale alone and I have to go to Nuryn’s birthday party at 3pm. Luckily the crowd is not that bad, still under control.

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Bought one for myself, one for my Emak and one for birthday girl, Nuryn. Fuhh.. I wanted to buy Velvet Matte Lipstick but I still got two of them and need to finish it first. Haha

dw takes penang

2 months late & I really need to blog about penang trip with my bestfriend before 2018 ends. It’s our first trip as a complete 6, before this we had our Sabah trip but incomplete. Hard to gather the 6 of us, after 10 years of friendship we made it.

I was the only person who flew to Penang from Kuala Lumpur, they flew from Kuching and we met at the Penang Airport on 14.07.2018. As usual, I’ll slept at the KLIA if I booked the first flight and I had a bad dream. Ohh.. it’s not a dream, it’s the reality! Our reservation has been cancelled on the day our check in date! Urghhh!


I just woke up and need to spread this bad news to my friend whom I don’t know whether they’re still asleep or wide awake. Eee… lucky that they stay calm and we discussed it face to face at the Penang Airport the moment they arrived.

Finally, we found a cheap hotel at Georgetown that provided us a room that can fit the 6 of us. Our trip started with late lunch at Deen Maju but only after I took my bath. Sorry to whoever sat next to me in the plane, if you smell someone didn’t bathe, that’s me! Hehehe!

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Ahhh.. to lazy to write down the details of our trip itinerary. We went to all famous places such as Deen Maju, Avatar Penang, Uptown at Batu Ferringhi, Design Village, Gurney Drive Open Air, Penang Hills, and many more. 4 days in Penang full of laughter, tummy is happy but my trip ended with sad moment. Malaysia Airlines did email and called me on Sunday regarding my flight was cancelled and they asked me to change flight time. So, I change it to afternoon but unfortunately flight was fully booked. Then I change it to second flight and the moment I was at the airport  ready to check in, the staff informed me all flight was fully book for that day. Fully book! Not available until the next day. I called my husband asked him to book me a new flight under Airasia which their flight still available and end up with my husband nagged at me. I informed him about this trip just a few days before I flew, he gave me a green light but I didn’t knew that he was actually mad at me. I cried at the airport and I felt so guilty that I was so happy with my friends, I forgot about him for 4 days and I called him when I was in trouble. Hmmm.. what kind of a wife I am? I didn’t informed him about this trip early because it’s a week after his birthday and I already planned with his family to surprise for his birthday. I don’t want to make him sad by planning nothing for his birthday and busy planning a trip with my bestfriend. I didn’t told my bestfriend about this sad ending of my trip. It’s just I had so much fun and I don’t want make any scene. If you guys ever read this post, yes, my flight was cancelled and bought a new flight ticket to Kuala Lumpur on that day. Lucky that the ticket price was only Rm130 or else I will cry out loud at the airport.


Thank you to my husband who was mad but still bought a new flight ticket for me. Hmm.. I love you, sorry again. If you ever read this Sayang, please take note, maybe next week or whenever I’m free, I’ll post about your birthday surprise. Hehehehe.. too busy to blog!

Anyway, hope that the 6 of us can have our second trip soonest! Ohh, we had our first ‘secret santa’ at Penang and we need this to be our annual tradition.


I just finished shower and continue scrolling instagram feed. Suddenly…..


Oh my God! Is this for real? After all beautiful pictures of duckscarf I’ve posted on my instagram, they finally repost my picture. Wootttt! I smile and I can’t dance or jump like a crazy person because my sil is around so I just dance on my mind. Ok, need to stop my duck rehab end of this month. I just hope Geometric duckscarf still available, I need one of those collection. Need ok? Not part of my wants. Wink!

I told my husband that his name is on @theduckgroup instagram now. He’s so mad by the time fake telekung went viral and my explanation wasn’t accepted by him. I’m not defending Vivy with her statement but people who twisted her words is sick. Nahh..

Finally I’m a part of duckies! Hahahaha as if there is a club and I just got an official badge of duckies. Hehe


You know you’re getting old when you feel happy buying new dishwashing liquid. I’m not sure if it’s new or not but I just love the smell! Can I use this as my body shower?


I can’t find this one in Avenue K and I need to restock it. Hmm.. where can I find it? Last time I bought it at Sogo Kuala Lumpur and when can I go there? Last weekend I stayed at Jalan Tar with my husband’s family but I forgot to buy it. Duhh.. I still can search it at Klcc tomorrow, goodluck to me! It’s my current favourite and I hope Joy will produce more scent for dishwashing liquid. Haha! You’re such a weirdo, Zizi!